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At this time of year with exams looming, many young people are starting to think about what they would like to do after school, college, an apprenticeship or training course or even after university. I thought today I would share a little more about me with you guys and share 9 interesting jobs I always fancied doing but never actually did.

Actress and Singer

I can’t sing, I can’t act and I am not a confident person but when I was around 8 years old and a huge fan of Kylie Minogue I decided that this would be my ideal career – luckily for the world, I never achieved that dream! Whilst it isn’t really one of those interesting jobs you find fascinating it is something many youngsters want to be!


I was very keen on being a teacher for a long time and had a last-minute change of heart which I have in many ways regretted since. I wanted to be a Maths teacher in a secondary school. There are so many graduate teaching jobs I see advertised I do wonder how my life would be different if I did that.

I was never keen on the idea of being a primary school teacher and dealing with squabbling kids and toilet trips 5 minutes after break time! For some reason, I thought secondary would be different. I am not so sure anymore but either way, it is something I never achieved.

Social Worker

I had so many dreams of being a social worker and helping people, I am not entirely sure why I never followed this through but looking at the hours they seem to work and the high workloads I am really glad I didn’t in hindsight!

Foster Carer

Did you watch Home and Away as a teenager? I did and as a fan, I wanted to be like Pippa and be a foster carer. It is still something I would love to do but I am not sure if I will ever achieve it as life takes so many turns you just don’t know what will happen do you? It is one of those interesting jobs that lots of people would like to do but few people go ahead and do it.

Prison Officer

I love true crime and would love to work in a prison. Whilst I have never achieved this I think I would still love to do it but I guess as I get older it might be harder and harder to pass fitness tests etc!


Again, another link to my true crime love, I would love to be a criminal defence lawyer and fight for those who have been wrongly convicted but also ensure those that have committed terrible crimes are punished accordingly!


I always wanted to be a journalist, whilst I haven’t completely achieved that I feel as a blogger I am close and I love working for myself probably more than I would love working for a Newspaper which was the original goal!


I guess everyone has a bit of them that would love to invent something. Myself included, I would love to be able to invent something and make a living from something I have created myself.

Whilst I haven’t invented anything I am really proud of the achievements I have made with my blog and I guess there are some similarities.


Are you someone else who would love to write a book? I have so many book ideas but I don’t think that I would ever actually achieve a book, as much as I would like to. I think I am a bit of a scatterbrain and would start and never finish it!

Do you have any dreams that you have not achieved? What did you want to be as a child?

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