It is a while since Valentine’s Day but have you had another date night? I know many of us don’t have as many date nights as we should so here is your reminder. Get that date night with your other half booked and arranged now.

This article includes items I have been sent as PR samples to share with you but all opinions are my own.

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Why have time together?

There is a reason you both fell in love but do you keep that love alive? If you have kids maybe you focus on them and don’t spend much time together.

Whatever the reasons it is really important to spend time together. Time to talk about any problems you have either individually or in the relationship and find ways to work them out together.

Do you spend enough adult time together? I think you know what I mean! Do you have early nights and not go straight to sleep and practice making babies? This is just as important as date nights where you go for a drink or meal together!

10 free date night ideas

If you are on a budget, which many of us are at the moment, then saving money even on date nights might be important to you. Here are my favourite free date night ideas for you, some are even date day ideas but hey does it matter what time of day it is?

  • Go for a picnic.
  • Visit a free museum or art gallery together.
  • Make popcorn and watch a movie at home.
  • Cook a nice meal together and then enjoy eating it.
  • Do karaoke at home – there are lots of karaoke tracks on YouTube.
  • Wrap up warm and go outside to watch the stars. Get a free app so you can identify them too.
  • Play a board game but add a stripping aspect. For example strip snakes and ladders, every snake means you take off an item of clothing.
  • Plan a dream holiday – even if it is imaginary as you can’t afford it. Or perhaps start planning your wedding if you are not married?
  • Binge-watch a series on TV or a streaming platform like Netflix.
  • Try a new position or role-play in the bedroom.

5 easy buys for a great date night

If you have a little money to spend then here are 5 great ideas for a date night together. They are perfect to buy either to go alongside one of the ideas above to make an almost free date night or you could spend more to have a really luxurious date night depending on your budget.

Prosecco and chocolates

Whether you buy this to make your home-cooked meal perfect or to take outside and enjoy while you watch the stars this is a lovely buy. This lovely gift of prosecco and chocolate looks and feels special but won’t break the bank. It is £27.50 from Virginia Haywood and could be sent to the one you love in advance of your date night!

Order a picnic from a local cafe or tearoom

If you fancy a picnic but don’t want to go to the trouble of making one then why not order one from a local cafe or tearoom? Many places offer this, or would if they do not already and it makes it completely stress-free for both of you!

An adult set for the bedroom

This is a great gift set to help you to try something a little different in the bedroom if usually you are quite repetitive and want a bit of change. It is £22.49 from BodyJoys and includes seven items, a bullet vibrator, vibrating cock ring, mask, tickler, handcuffs, rose petals and sex dice. A perfect selection for a night together.

Tickets to an event

Could you buy tickets to something whether it is an outdoor cinema, the theatre, a West End show, a band you both love or perhaps the local comedy club? Whatever your budget you are sure to find somewhere to book for you both to go together for a lovely date night.

A night away

If you are unsure whether to book a specific night away without sitting and consulting then why not buy an experience of a night or two away? Some experiences can be bought for specific hotels, and others like this are open for you to then choose together where you would like to go for a night away.

This particular experience from Red Letter Days is £119.99 for a choice of 74 locations across the UK with a couple of choices abroad too! Top tip: use Top Cashback for a bit of cashback when you buy too!

voucher for a hotel experience

Where will you go for a date night together? Could you plan one a month in advance so you don’t forget and keep that love alive? Let me know your favourite date night ideas in the comments below.

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