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Recent struggles due to Covid-19 have shown many of us that occupying our time at home is essential. Taking up new hobbies can help ward off anxiety and depression, but it can be difficult to know what to undertake while confined to your home for whatever reason. Continue reading for four hobbies that could be perfect for you especially if you have social anxiety.

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Gaming can be a superb hobby from a distance as well as something that allows you to escape the harsh realities of life. From martial arts to racing, there are a multitude of genres in which you can indulge. Furthermore, there are some games and consoles which offer you a little more of an energetic experience, engaging in fitness while you are progressing through a game. Not only can you connect with existing contacts of yours, but there is an opportunity to virtually meet others too.


Looking through your wardrobe, it is likely that you have an array of items which you no longer wear or perhaps never have. Upcycling, or repurposing, is a popular hobby, saving money while spending time creating something new or renewed to don. Although you could use a needle and thread, a beginner sewing machine would save you both time and energy. Clothes are not the only thing on which you could focus. Think upholstery and accessories. You could also save yourself money on alterations too when you buy a pair of trousers that are just that little bit too long. The possibilities are endless!


Gone are the days of waiting patiently for a camera reel to be developed. Nowadays, smartphones tend to take more photographs than regular cameras, and the photographer can view the images instantly. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these do not move from phone to print. However, to fully embrace nostalgia and enjoy sharing memories with loved ones, creating a scrapbook could be the perfect solution. You can choose from amazing paper backgrounds and stunning embellishments to make your scrapbooks picture perfect. And don’t forget to add your own choice of words to ensure your emotions are captured in their entirety.


Many of us have become accustomed to working out in our homes of late. There is a wealth of resources freely available online which can allow you to take part in a variety of fitness-related activities. Additionally, there are also paid classes in which you can engage online as well. Whether you are interested in yoga or prefer something a little heavier in terms of music and exertion like Rockfit, there is something out there to meet your needs. Alternatively, you may prefer to buy a range of equipment and work on your strength. Arrange to have a Zoom or Skype meeting with friends to make it feel more of a social engagement. As well as being a fantastic hobby to take up in terms of occupying your time and having fun, but it is also an integral part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

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