Exercise can be fun. Really? When I think of exercise I often think of the gym or back to my school days. I hated doing cross country, gym skirts, and having to get changed in front of loads of others.

Also, I didn’t exercise during my weight loss journey because when I started any form of exercise I felt self-conscious. I didn’t enjoy it so I decided exercise wasn’t for me.

As my regular readers will know I then did start running. I enjoyed that a lot however due to illness and weight gain things changed.

At the moment I am not comfortable running either! I have however considered Zumba, maybe via zoom or from YouTube videos to avoid having to see anyone!

feet on a treadmill

Choosing exercise

This got me thinking about exercise and if it can be fun. I started investigating and I am going to try out some new forms of exercise one day.

I thought I would share with you some exercises and sports that you may discover you enjoy. Maybe this will help before, like me, being quick to assume all exercise is embarrassing and hard work!

Remember all the advice is to exercise little and often.


I asked on my Facebook page what the first thing you think is when you hear the word exercise. Whilst some of the comments were positive the majority were negative.

Many echoed how have felt in the past about exercise. This is why I am determined to investigate different forms of exercise.

I am hoping to see if I can find something I could enjoy, other than running. Remember even a walk with the dog can be exercised if you really put your effort in.


Rebecca said, “I won’t be able to do it properly”. Joann’s response was “hard work” and poor Donna said, “hate it, too embarrassed to exercise”.

I can completely understand these feelings and have thought about all these and more for some time too. Hopefully, upon reading this post some of you will find exercises you might enjoy.

Exercise can be fun – check these out

Aerial Hoop

How to explain this…. it is basically doing exercises with a big hoop in the air! This picture will explain it better no doubt!

Woman doing aerial hoop exercise

Pole Fitness

Now when I think of this I think of pole dancing and seedy clubs with leering old men. However, actually, it looks like such a great form of exercise and such fun. It has made me rather tempted to give it a try! I am not sure my balance would be good enough!

Group of women doing pole fitness

Aerial Silks

This is another exercise which involves being up off the floor. I am not so sure about this it looks scary. It does look so fun all the same so maybe something that is worth a try!

yoga mats

Hypopressive Exercise

This was a new one to me and I am not sure I can explain it well. Check the Wikipedia definition! It is essentially using the way you breathe to improve your core.

It also can help apparently with your pelvic floor. As a mum who has occasional issues with this, the idea of this sparked my interest! A blogger I know, Emma, enjoys it and she is lovely so I can’t imagine it must be too strange!

plum and quinoa salad


Another hoop-related exercise. Lindsay-Rose says that if you can’t hula hoop but have no acute injuries to stop you then these classes will get you hula hooping in no time!

I am not sure she knows how uncoordinated I am and how many times I have tried hula hooping. That said, I am tempted to give it a go. I have wanted to be able to hula hoop since I was a little girl!

lady with a hula hoop

Hula Hooping

If you can hula hoop then there is no need for a class I guess. Kelly does it for half an hour a day with her daughter! Here is a video of her and her daughter!


Clare from Emmys Mummy says that when the kids are in bed she goes on their trampoline. Trampolining is great for legs, bums, and tums!

So if you have kids with a trampoline and don’t want to pay for exercise classes or buy equipment then there you are. Have a bounce when they are in bed!

It probably wouldn’t be safe to do with the celebratory glass of wine after a hard day though! Or join a class like Cat who goes to Boogie Bounce. Cat does advise you to remember the Tena Ladies though!



Exercise bikes are a little boring, aren’t they? Spinning involves riding it to music with an instructor telling you what to do. It is in a group and not just sitting on the bike either!

Sounds fun I think Simone loves it and I have other friends who do it regularly too. I have never tried it though I suppose I should consider it!

group of ladies on spinning bikes


When I think of dancing my first thoughts are a night out and dancing whilst drinking copious amounts of alcohol. I also think of children dancing in classes like ballet.

There are other types of dancing though so why not have a look? Exercise can be fun, like dancing even without the alcohol it seems!

A group of people dancing together

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Kirsty loves this and says it is great for those who want something that doesn’t take long but is effective. Just the name of it makes it sound scary to me but maybe it is just right for you.

A HIIT graphic

Body Pump

This is a weighted barbell workout. It is set to current music and focuses on low weights and lots of reps to shape and tone the body. It sounds ok to me, I like the idea of repetition.

I hate it when I finally grasp how to do something and the move then changes! Makes me feel like an idiot!


Body Combat

This is a martial arts-inspired workout. Again it is set to music and each track focuses on certain martial arts.

Body combat includes martial arts such as boxing, karate, Muay Thai etc. The main thing is to have fun and get sweaty!


My friend Emma does Burlesque. I was rather puzzled at first as I wasn’t really sure how this is a fitness activity.

After looking more into it I can see it is. Essentially it is like stripping but without removing your clothes, seductive and fun dancing.

Emma describes it as “awe-inspiring, empowering and absolutely amazing”. She says it has literally changed her life and given her so much self-confidence. It also focuses on toning and building core strength.

Members are all shapes and sizes so you don’t have to be a size 8, anyone can do it! They say exercise can be fun, this does look like immense fun!

lady doing burlesque


Another blogger I chatted with Kelly says that they like to exercise as a family. Karate classes work well for them as they can all do it together!

I love the idea of exercising as a family. However, I am not sure I would want Ben doing Karate he is strong enough as it is!

Worth considering for the future though as it does look fun! Exercise can be fun as a family too I guess.

hand pulling a black karate belt away from body

Anti-Gravity Yoga

I guess the name of it says it all. I am not sure I would trust anything that calls itself “anti-gravity”. To me, that implies you need balance, something I really don’t have! Maybe it is for you though?

A woman doing anti gravity yoga, strapped up to the poles


Getting fit whilst learning self-defence skills does sound very appealing so I am rather tempted by this. I wonder how long it would be before I could do this because that does look pretty amazing!

Two women kickboxing on a grey floor

Body Balance

This sounds quite relaxing though I guess it can’t be that relaxing or it wouldn’t be exercise! Lauren says that it is a class that combines yoga, pilates and tai-chi.

The best bit is the relaxation and meditation at the end of the class! So maybe it is as relaxing as it sounds! Another one I may consider trying!

Woman on the floor doing pilates and stretching


This is a Latin American-inspired workout that is dancing to music. There is also Zumba Gold which is usually chair-based Zumba.

It is aimed at older people or the disabled. Ideal really for anyone who just prefers to do this sitting-down version but still have a workout. 

A group of women in colourful clothing doing zumba

Red Warrior

Red Warrior is taught in rounds followed by short periods of active recovery. It aims to challenge the mind and body simultaneously!

You can work out the part of your body you chose, you are in control. It sounds fun and not as scary as the name suggests!

If you found this helpful please share!

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  1. Rebounding is fun. Picking an exercise you enjoy is important. It really helped me stay consistent. Now if I could be as consistent with my eating I would really have it figured out!?