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So we are already approaching summer. Are you managing to stay on track with your new year’s health and fitness goals? Here are some outdoor exercise ideas for summer you will enjoy.

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As any exerciser will tell you, getting to the gym can sometimes be difficult and regular routines can quickly become stale. These challenges can quickly lead to us stalling in our fitness journey. However, now that the days are longer, nights are lighter, and the temperatures milder, why not try incorporating outdoor exercises into your plan to help keep you on track? 

One of the major advantages of these exercises is how easy and convenient they are – you can do them no matter where you are, often with no equipment whatsoever. The health benefits of being in nature are another plus that you cannot get from exercising in the gym.

If you are getting bored with your workouts, mix it up and stay motivated with these four outdoor exercise ideas for summer 2023. 

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Jogging is one of the most popular outdoor exercise options. While there are positives to treadmill running and jogging outside, many find the latter to be more engaging and enjoyable. Varied terrain keeps things interesting while vitamin D and fresh air gives you increased endorphins and boost your mood.


If jogging is too hard on your joints, try hillwalking as an alternative. You still get the interesting terrain and benefits of being outside but there is much less stress on the body. The slower pace allows you to enjoy your surroundings more, too, whether that’s a tranquil forest or a clifftop with glorious viewpoints. 


For some, long-distance running and walking can feel laborious rather than enjoyable. If that applies to you, consider cycling as an alternative. You can still enjoy the beautiful scenery but at a faster pace, with occasional downhill thrills making up for the gruelling uphill stretches! 

HIIT & bodyweight

These exercises can also be done in the gym of course, but as they do not require any equipment you can include HIIT and bodyweight training in your outdoor exercise routine too.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) involves short bursts of movement followed by short rest periods while bodyweight training focuses primarily on building strength without the use of any equipment.

Safety First

When you are exercising outdoors, it is important to put your safety first. 

Road cycling accidents are a common reason for injury claims where you are not at fault so do what you can to protect yourself. It is advisable to wear a helmet at all times, even for short journeys. You should also wear reflective clothing, which also applies to jogging – especially if you are outside in the evening or after dark. 

When performing your HIIT and bodyweight workouts, be conscious of your technique so as to not cause stress or damage to your joints and muscles. You might find it helpful to exercise with an experienced partner who can observe you as an instructor would in the gym. 

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