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With gyms closed due to the ongoing pandemic, you may want to get a cardio machine that you can use in the comfort of your home to keep fit. There are various machines to choose from, ranging from rowing machines, treadmills, elliptical, and stationary bikes. If you are looking for the best high weight capacity exercise bike check out this selection.

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Why choose an exercise bike?

While all those machines will offer something different, you cannot have them all in your house. A stationary bike is one of the best equipment you can invest in, owing to its cost, size, and what you can do with it. You can choose either a recumbent or a stationary upright bike. Here is an overview of both of these bikes.

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Recumbent Exercise Bike

A recumbent bike has a huge sitting position and a backrest. It is much more like sitting in your car, but cycling. Your back gets full support allowing you to relax your muscles.

You can then concentrate on the lower body and your cardiovascular system. The large seat and the comfortable back support enable you to relax such that you can read or watch television while still exercising.

You can exercise for longer since you can concentrate on other stuff that keeps you engaged while still cycling.

Despite the comfort, a recumbent exercise bike is great for exercise. If you are a beginner, you will especially like the ease with which you can exercise your calf muscles.

You can vary the cycling speed, increase cycling difficulty or resistance level, or pedal backwards. These variations are a great way of toning and strengthening your muscles and burning calories at the time.

Upright Stationary Bike

Upright stationary bikes take the same shape as a normal bike, only that it is stationary. You get more or less the same benefits as those you would get from a normal moving bike, only that you get to cycle on one location.

You can also vary cycling resistance to resemble hill climbs in natural settings, and also increase or reduce speed according to your training schedule. You can set the distance and time and challenge yourself to cover that distance.

The advantage of this bike is that you never get to leave the comfort of your house, so you are not exposed to weather elements, and do not expose yourself to the risks you would encounter out there. You reduce the risks of getting hit by motor vehicles while riding out there.

Which Bike to Choose?

So, which of the two should you go for? If you are financially well off and have enough space in your house, then you get both of these bikes for different purposes. If you only have to get one, then it will depend on your fitness level. If you are a beginner, a recumbent bike would be ideal for you.

The full-back support and the low impact on your joints can help you get into exercise gradually. If you are at an advanced fitness level, the upright body position of an upright bike is better. An upright bike gives you more resistance and helps you burn more calories.

If you are those people who get bored easily, you could consider getting a recumbent bike. With the large seat and the full-back support, you can watch a movie while exercising to keep you engaged. You can, thus, extend the time you spend on your bike and get more gains.

The upright bike does not give you this privilege. You do not get to have the back support or the large seat to give you the comfort you get on a recumbent bike.

However, this lack of comfort allows concentrating on the exercise unlike in a recumbent where you can lose focus on what you are doing.

An upright bike allows you to exercise your entire body. Most of your muscles are engaged, unlike a recumbent where only your lower body is engaged. Having the pedals below the body engages your lower and upper body. However, this could lead to lower back pain just like on a normal bike. With the recumbent bike, you lower the risk of lower back injuries, since you have back support and a large seat.

It is easier to use a recumbent bike than it is to use an upright one. With a recumbent, you just sit and start cycling, but with an upright bike, you need a little bit of practice to get the right body posture to avoid injuries.

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