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Many people like the idea of exercising at home today. Health clubs are friendly and offer the latest in fitness equipment, instruction and programs.

Yet they may be located outside of your neighbourhood, requiring extra travel time. They can also be crowded on some days, and you may need to wait your turn to use certain equipment.

You may be ready to set up your exercise space at home. You may know exactly which sports equipment or fitness machines you want to include.

However, if you live in a small house, condo or apartment, your main problem may be figuring out where to install your exercise equipment. Where can you find space to set up your mini home gym?

Ideas and Tips for Creating an Exercise Area in Your Small Home

The following ideas and tips may help you designate space for setting up your exercise and fitness space in your small home today: 

1. Practicing Fitness Exercises and Yoga at Home

yoga mats

You may be planning to practise fitness exercises and yoga positions at home. If so, there should be enough space for an exercise mat in at least one room.

These mats are easy to roll up and store in a closet or on a storage shelf after each use. Many of them can also be washed in the washing machine to keep them clean and fresh.

Of course, the area where you place your mat for exercising should be free of clutter. It should be a safe distance away from furniture, walls, doors and stairways to avoid any accidents and injuries.

This type of fitness exercise requires discipline and regular practice to get and stay in shape. Yet it can be one of the most effective forms of exercise for maintaining overall good health.

You may like to go to the health club or gym to use some of the fitness machines, but want to exercise at home as well. It is true that you can benefit greatly from performing daily stretches and fitness exercises on your mat at home.

This activity will keep your muscles limber and relaxed. It can also keep you from experiencing any muscular or joint injuries while using the machines at the gym.

If you do experience injury make sure you take adequate time to rest and recover. Making the problem worse will only deter your fitness goals longer. There are lift chairs that can help you get in and out of them if you are experiencing mobility issues.

Home Gym

2. Working Out on a Basement Rowing Machine

If you are fortunate to have a basement to work out in your small home, you should have enough free space to accommodate an updated rowing machine. These designs operate smoothly and are easy to use.

They are great for maintaining good cardiovascular health and for keeping your body weight stable. Some people also use them as weight-loss aids and muscle toners. 

You can actually gain and maintain overall good health, muscular strength and joint flexibility by using a rowing machine. For this reason, these machines are a good choice for fitness machines in small basement spaces. By using this machine, some resistance bands and weights, you can look and feel your best. 

Rowing machines are usually fairly easy to assemble. They require little or no maintenance if kept in a clean, dry environment. You can also enjoy listening to music or watching TV programs, videos or movies while exercising on your rower.

If you have a good heating, cooling and ventilation system in your basement, it can be an ideal place to use your rower.  

dumbbells on a wooden floor

3. Dumbbells for Use in Your Home Gym Space

If you are into lifting weights, these dumbbells are easy to keep in a fairly small space. If you can spare a corner of your bedroom, den or laundry room, you can most likely keep them there.

This space can be your regular exercise area. Some people even keep their weights in a corner of their home offices as a reminder to do their fitness training. 

Of course, if there are small children in your household, you should remember to keep your dumbbells away from the kids to avoid any bruised toes or other injuries. Also, if you have young teenagers in your family, they may be curious about lifting weights. Be sure to show them how to lift weights correctly to prevent muscle strains or joint injuries.  

If you have room for a weight bench to workout in a small home, you may be able to build an enclosure or partition around it. In this way, you can keep your workout area separate as a safety precaution.

If you live in an older house with a small attic garret room with windows, you may be able to exercise there. With a little work, you may be able to turn it into your new fitness room.  

A man standing in front of a building

4. Punching Bag for Working Out at Home 

Punching bags are easy to install and require very little space to work out in a small home. If you buy a large, professional size bag, a basement area is most likely the best place to suspend it. These large bags are usually hung from the ceiling.

Smaller models often come with stands, or you can purchase stands to mount them on. If you have virtually no extra space in your home at the moment, a small tabletop model is also an option. 

If your home has a covered or enclosed back porch, you may be able to use your punching bag there. If it is attached to a stand, you can probably place it at one end of the porch away from other regular activities.

Decks and terraces can also be convenient places for placing these boxing bags. As long as these areas are at least partially covered, your bag can be protected from rain or harsh weather.

If your home has a garage, this can also be an ideal spot for your punching bag. You may need to use a portable heater while exercising in cold weather, depending on the climate where you live. If you take good care of your boxing bag, it should last for long-term use. It can be your favourite aid for staying in good shape. 

If you select exercise equipment that is fairly small and compact, you can probably find space for it at home. Even in a small home, there are usually corners and areas that are not actually in use.

Just a corner in your bedroom, den, basement or home office can be sufficient space to enjoy healthy exercise. Also, recovery is just as important for development when it comes to exercise. Don’t forget to invest in items for your home to help you relax like a recliner that’s so comfortable you can fall asleep in it.

Do you have any tips to help others work out in a small home?

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