Now here you are wanting to start getting on track, back on the diet and finding your fitness mojo. Do you need help finding the best fitness apps to download?

If you don’t want to go to the gym, or Covid restrictions mean you can’t go to the gym. Then you can look at using fitness apps. Most phones these days come with a step counter so you can count all of your steps as you walk. And some phones have built-in health apps on their operating system, so fitness apps work alongside these.

My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal is an app that is available on both iPhone and Android phones. The bonus of this app is that it is also available online as a website, so you can update your details if your phone isn’t near.

You start the app by signing up for free and then adding your details like DOB, Name, Weight, Height etc. You also need to put your ideal weight in and how much exercise you are planning on doing a week. It does also watch what you eat too. But dieting at fitness works hand in hand.

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Couch to 5k

This app was very busy during the first lockdown as people used it because of gyms closing. Many of my friends benefitted from it and actually raved about it, making it one of the best fitness apps. It is available on Android and on Apple store.

It is a Public Health England app so it is backed by NHS to help you exercise. It was designed by a young man who wanted to get himself and his mum, off the couch and out exercising. You do three runs a week, with a rest day in between.

Couch To 5K is one of the best fitness apps because it starts you off really easily. It suggests starting with a minute at a time and leads up to you running 5k in 9 weeks. It offers realistic targets to meet. It is also free to download and free to use.

Map My Run

Map My Run claims to be the best running app around at the moment and as well as the website, it is available on Android and Apple Store. You can create a profile and then choose an option of how you want to spend your sport time.

Running, walking or hiking. You can search for a running route. Or you can choose to set up your own one. When you set up your own one, you can decide to do a different route every day. This is the best fitness app that focuses on running and planning routes.

You do get the basic app for free but if you go premium for $29.99 a month, you can premium features and you don’t need to worry about those dreaded ads on the app either.

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30-Day Fitness Challenge At Home

This app automatically records your progress and it reminds you to take challenges every day. There is a video guide to help you and you can choose what you want to focus on for your exercise. Do you want to work on your abs, bum, or full body?

You can choose your level from beginner to pro, so you are working at the right level. It follows a 30-day plan, and you get training tips and encouragement as you go on. You need no equipment to use the app. It is free to download, but you get in-app purchases that you can buy. It is available on Android and Apple Store

JeFit Workout Planner

Lastly, we have Jefit. It is an app that is free to download but contains ads. So if you want to get rid of those and enjoy the premium aspects of the app. You will need to buy in-app purchases. The app is available on Apple Store and Android. And it is classed as one of the most popular best fitness apps because of its intensity.

It is a more ‘full-on’ app and it has 1300 exercises for you to do. You choose any type of workout that you want to do and you are able to track your progress as you go on. You can track stats and see the results on the app.

you can set goals to work towards and you can follow training notes on the app. You can find the people in your community that are using the app and make friends with them, then work together to make progress.

Are You Ready To Start?

Now you have an idea of some apps, here are the best fitness apps for you to try and make this your year. Downloading an app and exercising with friends is the best option.

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