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If your doctor gives you the green light to take a full-fledged fitness course at a local gym or community centre, there are plenty of exciting options. However, as in any other industry, some choices aren’t worth the cost. The task to find exercise classes you can afford isn’t always easy.

The good news is that there are at least four excellent classes that offer solid value and potential fitness enhancement for people of all ages and body types.

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Whether your tastes run toward self-defence techniques, dance, sports, or bodybuilding, you won’t be disappointed with what’s out there. Living in a big city helps, but even smaller towns offer the basics for people who want to get fit and learn a few new tricks at any age. Review the following details to see which options are most suitable for your goals.

Consider Self Defense, Dance-Based, Sport-Specific, Bodybuilding

To get started, of course, after doctor approval, make a general selection from one of the four main categories: dance-related classes, self-defence, bodybuilding, and sports-centred instruction. Gear your choice based on what you need or want, your physical abilities, and whether you also would like a bit of social interaction with whichever fitness route you choose.

Utilise a Personal Loan to Pay Course Fees in Advance

No matter how varied the fitness choices are, most have something in common: participants can score major discounts by paying for an entire package in advance. Most self-defence training is offered in one-year or six-month increments.

Paying the entire amount upfront can mean getting as much as 50% off the monthly payment arrangement. That’s why taking out a personal loan to pay the entire tuition bill before training begins is wise if the interest still helps you save money in the long run.

The same is true for dance, bodybuilding, and other courses. When planning to shop for loan rates, consider platforms like Navient Marketplace where you can do an extensive search for interest rates that are fully personalised.

It’s the ideal way to leverage the power of an online marketplace to see all your loan options in one location. That way, you won’t have to spend hours sorting through dozens of lenders’ websites and trying to find the pertinent information in bits and pieces.

Self Defence

For people of all ages who want to learn basic techniques for protecting themselves from attack and assault, Wing Chun is an ancient and fitness-oriented method that focuses on the efficiency of movement, body stability, and defensive positions. The only martial art invented by a woman, Wing Chun is designed for smaller people who want effective ways of countering an attack by larger individuals.

Dance-Based & Sport-Specific Fitness

It’s important to remember that exercise can be fun and there are several popular dance fitness classes available in metro areas and online.

Participants can choose from jazz, rock, Latin, or aerobic dancing styles to get an intense half-hour or longer workout. The in-person courses, like Jazzercize or Zumba, also offer social components, like weekly meetups for lunch or other fun activities.

Sport-based training is best suited for learners who want to boost their skills in tennis, soccer, track, gymnastics, or dozens of other areas. Some sport-intensive courses are one-on-one, while most are for groups of a dozen or more. Prices for group sessions are much lower than for one-on-one instruction.


Don’t be misled by the terminology because bodybuilding instruction includes most anything that involves lifting weights, even light ones. While the majority of such classes focus on circuit training, others are geared toward general, whole-body development of muscle tone and functional fitness. Find exercise classes that suit you in this area.

In most cities, the standard choices include attending sessions or working directly with a one-on-one personal trainer. While the latter is obviously the ideal arrangement, the group approach is much less costly and allows for camaraderie and socializing with other class members.

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