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Have you considered trying some cycling routes in Europe? Europe, as a continent, boasts an incredible diversity of natural wonders. There are towering mountains, soaring waterfalls, clear blue lakes and vast rolling plains. If you’d like to explore this part of the world, then you’ll have several different options available: but cycling represents one of the most attractive of them!


Getting into cycling

If you’re entirely new to cycling, or you’re just getting back into the saddle after a break of a few decades, then Europe offers a great chance to get up to speed. You won’t have to deal with quite as big a culture shock as if you were riding further afield. You’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of cycling, too.

You’ll get the sense of seclusion and freedom that comes with doing away with a road vehicle. You’ll get the thrill that comes with bombing through forests, and over hills. Then there are the substantial fitness benefits that come with building the habit.

What equipment do you need?

There are a few key pieces of equipment that no holidaying cyclist should do without. In some parts of Europe, there’s a culture that does away with cycling helmets. Depending on where you’re cycling, however, there’s good reason to invest in a quality helmet.

You’ll also need to invest in the right clothing. You’ll need to avoid chafing and ensure that your skin can breathe properly, especially if you’re going to be riding for hours every day. Few things are more likely to put a downer on your holiday than chronic pain!

Cycling in the UK

Naturally, it might be a good idea to get yourself up to speed by tackling a few local cycling routes. That way, when you get out onto the continent, you won’t start completely from scratch.

The ride from Portsmouth Harbour to Hayling Island is beautiful in summer. You’ll be able to sample the fairgrounds on the way and pick up some fish and chips, too. Then there’s the Brockmoor CCC training route in the West Midlands, which will take you down a picturesque canal path in the middle of Dudley!

Cycling Routes in Europe

Once you’ve gotten up to speed, it’s worth thinking about beginner-friendly cycling holidays on the continent. There are plenty of them to choose from, depending on where you’re travelling.

You might, for example, go on a cycling tour along the beautiful Danube valley, which winds through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. If you’d prefer something a little bit hillier, on the other hand, you might take a trip through rural Tuscany, with its wealth of gorgeous little spa towns, vineyards and olive groves.

If you’re in the Netherlands or Belgium, then you’ll find cycling culture is almost everywhere – and you can easily fit both nations into the same trip by cycling between Amsterdam and Bruges over the course of around a week.

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