Sometimes when you are overweight it is a bit of a vicious circle, things like exercise bikes for a heavy person seem impossible to find. You want to lose weight but everything seems to have a weight limit that isn’t suitable!

Most exercise bikes for example have a capacity of 100kg (15 and a half stone). All is well and good if you weigh less than that but harder if you don’t.

That is why I am sharing with you how to buy an exercise bike for a heavy person. These are the best exercise bikes I could find for you but I have only personally tried any that I state in the description.

Exercise bike available for overweight people

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Health benefits of using an exercise bike

Exercise bikes are a great form of exercise and here are some of the reasons why.

Great for cardiovascular fitness and getting your heart pumping. It’s better if you own a cycling heart rate monitor watch to control your health.

A low-impact exercise is better for those with injuries or getting into exercise after a break.

A great way to burn body fat.

Great for strengthening the lower body muscles and using less of the upper body.

Great for burning fat throughout the body with interval training and working at different speeds and intensities.

An easy and safe exercise to fit into your daily routine without taking up too much space in the house

Perfect for teenagers and adults alike to use.

Great for all weathers and no additional equipment needed, unlike road cycling.

large capacity exercise bike choices including this one

Where to start when buying an exercise bike

One of the first things to consider is what functions you are looking for in a bike.

Are you wanting a spinning-style bike with an adjustable flywheel or a more traditional exercise bike?

Just because you are buying an exercise bike for a heavy person doesn’t mean you can not choose what you need.

Benefits of a spin bike with a flywheel

If you enjoy spinning or riding to a programme with an instructor like this where you can change the intensity as you please with a simple wheel then this could be perfect.

The ability to join online spin classes or follow Youtube workouts for a good full-body workout within your home.

Spin bikes are great for people who want to be able to exercise whilst on their bike with workouts designed for more than just pedalling.

Benefits of a conventional exercise bike

Using a conventional exercise bike you can do a varied workout without having to change any settings once you start.

This works by setting a programme that varies in intensity with changing resistance imitating hills and valleys with preset programmes.

Everything is enclosed with a conventional exercise bike, unlike the flywheel bike where the air is what causes the resistance and collects dust and little children could easily catch their fingers in it.

some exercise bikes such as this one are perfect for overweight people

Benefits of a recumbent exercise bike

A recumbent exercise bike is more suited to those with disabilities. They take up more space than a conventional exercise bike but have some significant differences.

Using a recumbent exercise bike your body is fully supported which is great for those with limited mobility or joint issues. Additionally, if you have previous injuries it may be that a recumbent bike is more suitable for you.

The recumbent exercise bike seat is lower making it much easier for older adults or those with back or knee difficulties to use.

The position you pedal in is also different when using a recumbent bike so this also is beneficial for those with mobility difficulties.

Plus size fitness clothing to get you started

Here is some quite funky exercise and fitness clothing you might like to consider in plus sizes for you if needed too. You can start exercising whatever your size!

The fitness and activewear clothing from Yours is great with sizes up to size 30!

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gym leggings

The best large-capacity exercise bikes – recumbent

DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike weight capacity 330lb or 150KG

This top of the range good value recumbent bike is perfect for those with injuries or who prefer a recumbent-style bike up to the maximum user weight of 330lb which is the equivalent of around 24 stone.

With a large LCD display, you can see distance, time, speed, watts, calories and heart rate. the seat is adjustable and padded with back support and hand rests for a comfortable workout.

Check the latest price and more details here.

Sunny Recumbent exercise bike with 350lb weight capacity

This is a great heavy-duty exercise bike for those looking for a high-weight-capacity exercise bike.

This one offers pulse rate monitoring, 8-level adjustable gears, an LCD monitor and an easily adjustable oversized seat that holds weight up to 350lb or 25 stone.

Check the latest price for this bike

The best high-weight capacity folding recumbent exercise bikes

Exerpeutic GOLD folding recumbent bike with 400lb capacity

This bike is one of the best exercise bikes for a heavy person built with more steel and a larger seat than the similar bike above.

It is foldable so perfect for those with minimal space.

This bike holds up to 400lb which is 28.5 stones. Also with an 8-level adjustable magnetic tension control system and an easy-to-read LCD and a large seat cushion.

This model is designed for larger and taller people.

Check the latest price of this bike

Recumbent bikes are great for overweight people and those looking for a high capacity exercise bike

The best selection of high-weight capacity folding exercise bikes

BCAN folding exercise bike for heavy people with 330lb weight capacity

This bike has a 330lb weight capacity which is the equivalent to 23 stone 8 pounds. Whilst many bikes that are designed for a high weight capacity are more expensive this one is great value and similar in price to other bikes.

With 8-level magnetic resistance (described as ultra silent) and an oversized comfort seat, it is suitable for all abilities and levels of fitness.

The only people this isn’t ideal for are those over 6ft 1 inch tall as the height adjustments for this bike are 4ft 9 inches to 6ft 1 inch.

There is an LCD monitor and an iPad holder so you can use exercise apps to help you too.

Check the latest price here.

EXERPEUTIC GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike with 400 lbs weight capacity

With a 28 stone 8lb weight capacity this is one of the best I have found and pretty good value too compared to some of the other options.

The bike is made from heavy-duty steel and is easily adjustable to suit people from 5 foot 1 inch tall to 6 foot 5 inches.

As a foldable bike, it is great for anyone short of space but still has everything you need such as an LCD screen, 8-level magnetic tension and more.

Check the latest price here.

A more recent model of this same bike is the Exerpeutic Gold 575 XLS Bluetooth Smart Technology Folding Upright Exercise Bike with 181 kg Weight Capacity.

The best large Capacity exercise bike – conventional upright

LHQ-HQ Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike with a high weight limit of 34 stone 9lb

There is very little information online about this bike however with such a good weight capacity it may be worth considering. It has an adjustable seat, LCD monitor and phone holder.

There is also an 8-speed magnetic resistance adjustment and handheld heart rate sensor on the handles.

Check the latest price here

DKN AM-E Exercise bike with 140kg 308lb weight capacity

This is a good quality exercise bike built for quiet operation so perfect for families.

It has an 8kg flywheel and a 32-level resistance system that is computer controlled so you can easily adjust the intensity of your training sessions.

The LCD display shows your speed, distance, calories, pulse, recovery, watts and RPM. There are 12 preset programmes or you can set them manually.

The weight capacity of this bike is equivalent to 22 stones.

Check the latest price and more details here

DKN AM-3i exercise bike with 330lb capacity

This exercise bike has an impressive selection of 32 computer-controlled magnetic resistance levels so that you can adjust the intensity of each workout.

There is an LCD display compatible with Kinomap and Vescape fitness apps so you can truly enjoy your workout.

With 18 programmes and 4 user profiles, the whole family can tailor their workouts to their fitness levels with this bike.

It even has a Bluetooth receiver and pulse sensors so you get a lot for your money!

Check the latest price and more details here.

DKN EMB-600 Exercise bike with 180kg or 396lb weight capacity

This is a really heavyweight strong bike with quiet pedal movement and 32 digitally controlled resistance levels.

With up to 4 profiles and a truly interactive console, you can be sure to get the best workout. with 16 motivating programmes and Bluetooth, you can use it for as long as you like and really get a good workout.

Check out the latest price and more details here.

NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro with 130kg weight capacity

If you want a NordicTrack bike this is definitely one to consider with a 7″ touchscreen display and silent magnetic resistance, a workout fan and extra wide ergonomic foot pedals with adjustable straps this is a great bike for a very reasonable price.

Check out the latest price and full details here.

York Fitness LC Upright exercise bike with 180kg weight capacity (397lb or 28.4 stones)

This heavy-duty exercise bike is the one we have and I love the fact it has a USB charging point for phones or tablets and of course, a display that shares distance, speed, calories, and pulse.

There are 20 programs which are designed for sporty, body fat and advanced users as well as beginner programmes.

The step-through design really appealed to us due to Stuart’s knee problems. It has 32 levels of magnetic resistance and is around £449 from Amazon.

York exercise bike for overweight people looking for a high weight capacity or large weight capacity bike

Large Capacity exercise bike – Spinning flywheel style upright

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro with 170kg weight capacity

This is an amazing spinning-style bike with so many functions you will wonder how you managed without it! It boasts a 10″ Smart HD touchscreen, live trainers and an ever-expanding workout library.

You can bike anywhere in the world with the Google Maps features and change the resistance with one touch. A truly top-of-the-range bike that all the family will love if they can get you off it long enough to use it!

Check the latest price here with full details.

Asuna Minotaur exercise bike with 330lb weight capacity

This spinning or studio-style bike is suitable for weights up to 330lb which is 23 stone 8 pounds. This bike is silent and uses high-grade aluminium to make it light and easy to adjust.

With a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, it is suitable for people with an inside leg measurement of 28.5 inches to 38.5 inches so great for most heights.

Check the latest price for this bike

Sovnia indoor cycling bike with iPad holder and maximum weight limit 23 stone 8lb

This spinning bike for heavy people has adjustable resistance to suit your fitness levels and a thickened steel frame.

With an LCD monitor and an iPad mount, you can easily keep on top of how hard you are working out and use whatever suits you to track that.

Check the latest price for this bike

Progen 2018 Spinning bike or indoor cycling bike with over 30 stone weight limit

For people over 30 stone finding an indoor cycling or spinning bike is harder as they don’t tend to be designed with heavy people in mind.

This bike however has a weight capacity of 31 stone 7lb and is good value too at around £130!

It is recommended for tall people as it adjusts well and also the seat can be moved forwards and backwards for your comfort.

An LED monitor helps you track your workout and a free water bottle as a bonus extra!

Check the latest price here

Exercise bikes for overweight people with other features

Yo-Yo Desk bike with a 21stone 4lb weight capacity

If you are looking for a desk bike so you can exercise while you work then the Yo-Yo is a popular choice.

Using silent motion technology shouldn’t distract you from work but help you lose weight and get fit at the same time.

This bike is easy to assemble and adjust the desk so it suits you and is perfectly comfortable.

If you want to move the bike between rooms it is easy to do that with 4 wheels on casters so definitely a good choice if you are looking for an easy-to-move multi-use bike!

Check the latest price here

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Desk Exercise Bike with 350lb weight capacity (25 stone)

This desk exercise bike is perfect for those who work from home and would love to be able to exercise but rarely have the time. It would also be a great way to exercise and scroll the internet so that time passes more quickly!

This bike includes a padded seat with a comfortable seatback, an LCD monitor and many functions to help you with your workout! Perfect for anyone up to 350lb or 25 stone in weight.

Check the latest price for this desk exercise bike

Sunny recumbent bike with cross trainer arm exercises with 350lb weight capacity

This is a great way to exercise different parts of your body with one machine.

It has a weight capacity of 350lb or 25 stone and is a recumbent bike alongside having similar arm exercisers to a cross-trainer.

It boasts an oversized seat and 8 levels of magnetic resistance system and pulse sensors. You can buy this for around £280 on Amazon.

Sunny recumbent bike with handbike and 350lb weight capacity

This exercise bike is recumbent but also having the hand bike aspect makes it perfect for those wanting to work out their whole body.

It has a weight capacity of 350lb or 25 stone and has a large seat cushion and an 8-level magnetic tension control system. Available from Amazon for around £300.

recumbent exercise bike for overweight people looking for large capacity exercise bikes

For high-weight capacity treadmills check out this article full of ideas.

Other equipment to consider

If you are buying an exercise bike you should definitely consider a heavy duty mat to use it on to protect your flooring. This one is the best I have found but do search and see what would suit you.

If you are not sure you have space for an exercise bike or have not found a suitable one above then how about a mini pedal exerciser?

Trying to lose weight?

If you are doing exercise to lose weight have you also considered looking at your food?

I have so many healthy recipes you will enjoy but also lots of information on weight loss plans.

Do have a good look around my site, download my free trackers and get started!

A person on exercise bike

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  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve been searching for affordable exercise bikes for ages and wouldn’t have found one I liked without your post 🙂

  2. My husband recently bought home a blood pressure monitor from the doctor and, me being me, I decided to have a go.
    I took my bp a few times over a few days making excuses along the way while realisation continued to dawn. It confirmed what I had wondered but not thought would actually have happened; I am now ‘hypertensive’. Which also makes me terrified.
    I have treated my body very badly for a long time and could make any number of excuses for it but I know it is ultimately up – and down – to me.
    Having given up on yet another Amazon search for bikes for obese people, I came across your website.
    Thank you for all of it. Your page has been bookmarked and I have subscribed.
    Here’s to a successful journey to a healthy – much longer – life.