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Whether you work from home or have an office for hobbies like writing or crafting, your home office should be a room that encourages you to get to work.

Home offices are often overlooked spaces in the house, left to be unwelcoming and bland, leading you to work from just about any other room in the house.

Here are the best decor ideas for your home office for an inspiring room.

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Think Chic

Your home office should be inspiring and should be a  reflection of your personality. Don’t be afraid to go all out. Your office can be functional but still chic and fun. Add an accent wall for some drama and colour. Add glamour with modern light fittings or a glass end table. Add a sideboard to help you to keep your office better organized with some storage. Keeping the space functional will help you to stay on top of the business side of your work, while the chic decor makes it a nice room to be in. 

How to do it

Glam up a home office by changing up your lighting. An unusual pendant light is fashionable, yet professional. 

Add Green

Breathe some life into your office so you will want to stay there for longer periods of time. A plant on your desk is thought to help you to keep calm and will clean the air.

The plants look good as well, as an added bonus. Choose something low-maintenance, like a succulent. 

How to do it

Try a small clay planter, which is ideal for growing an easy-to-care-for snake plant, to add a splash of greenery to your workspace. 

Get Artsy

Decorate your office with images and artwork that inspire you. Even if you’re going to be doing admin tasks all day, artwork can light your mood. Fill your office with art to help you to feel motivated and make the room interesting. If you’re artistic, you could make your own artwork and display it. 

How to do it

Add some shelves to your walls, such as floating shelves painted to match the walls. Use these shelves to display framed art and personal pictures, without making the home office feel cluttered or crowded. 

Find The Rug

Ground the design of your office space with an interesting area rug to add colour, pattern, and something to absorb sound. If you like colour, choose a rug that picks out some colours you have used elsewhere in your decor.

A neutral grey rug can also work well with a lot of different combinations of colours. Keep the rest of your furniture simple and clean for a more contemporary-looking finish. Add in some green foliage to give the room texture. 

How to do it

Keep an eye out for beautiful textiles. A patterned rug in bright colours will work with a colourful home office, or with a simple office with plain white walls.

Position it so you can put your feet on it while you work to keep your feet warm.



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