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The wall from your hall to your landing which goes up the stairs can be tricky to decorate. It can also look rather dull if it’s left blank. With the help of Desenio and their great quality prints, we have changed the look of this area of our home completely – without needing a ladder! It now makes for a real talking point in our home, rather than unused blank space.

Various framed pieces of wall art on the wall

How we decided on the colours to use

We like lots of simple black, white and grey shades throughout the house with pops of colour as a great way to update a room easily. The hall, stairs and landing area is no exception so we decided on a black and white theme.

I chose a mixture of high-quality wall art prints that were predominantly black or predominantly white and used a mixture of silver and black frames.

If you prefer something brighter then Desenio has a great selection of gallery wall prints that are already grouped together for you. This means that you don’t have to agonise for hours over which ones will go together.

Alternatively, you can use their gallery wall tool to help you see how your selection will look together. This tool can be used for any area such as living room, bedroom, hall or even bathroom! You can select artists that you like and sort by those if you prefer or just browse the whole site.

Do you have a colour theme in your home? How are your hall, stairs and landing spaces decorated? I love the Scandinavian design that you see in shops like Ikea and a quite minimalistic look but I have too much stuff to do the minimalistic look well!

Closeup of framed wall art on wall

Why choose Desenio?

I was thoroughly impressed by the prices of the prints and frames. All of the prints you can see throughout this article and their frames cost around £250 and, given their sizes, I was impressed by that.

The website gives frame suggestions for each print you order, so it is straightforward to see that you are getting the right size. For me, this is priceless as it completely takes away the stress of finding frames to fit and means you simply choose the prints you like and then the frame type preferred. No more comparing sizes and styles trying to hunt down the right frame!

The customer service was great and the prints were extremely high-quality so I would definitely recommend you consider them for your home.

Desenio often has an online discount code so do check Desenio offers before you order including signing up for their newsletter for 30% off.

Closeup of stag wall art on wall

The delivery and assembly

The prints and frames all came in one large box extremely well packaged and with no breakages. We ordered 9 prints and frames so I was extremely pleased that not one frame arrived broken, such great customer service.

framing each print appropriately took a short time and soon we were deciding (with some arguing) where they looked best on the walls.

We put all of the prints at a height we could reach without ladders and spread them in a way that enabled them to really change the look of the wall. Not only did this make it easy for us to put them all but they’ll also be easy to reach to clean.

Closeup of framed wall art on wall

Cleaning before you put your prints up

Before you put up your new lovely prints the first thing I would recommend is cleaning the wall.

The best way to do this in my opinion is using washing soda crystals usually available in the supermarket or Wilko’s.

Dilute the crystals in some boiling water then allow the mixture to cool enough to use before wearing gloves and wiping down the walls. Be careful to keep yourself protected as it can irritate you.

Washing soda crystals are good for removing stains and grease.

Keeping your picture frames and prints clean

Before putting your Desenio prints into the frames it is wise to give them a thorough clean inside to ensure no dirt ends up being framed with the picture.

To clean the glass in frames I would always recommend vinegar or lemon juice as a natural option. Lemon juice is perfect as it smells lovely and if you regularly clean your picture frames with it they will help the room smell fresh. Of course due to the acids in lemon juice always check if you have wooden frames that could be damaged or stained by it.

The selection of prints available

The Desenio website has a wide range of high-quality prints to suit all interests. As you can see from the image above and the image below we chose some music-based prints but also some other black and white images to compliment them.

Initially, we were unsure how well they went together but after trying them out on the gallery wall tool we could see they were a perfect match. The other image we chose is a stag, also in black and white.

I love animals like this and think it looks great but it also has another meaning in our house. Ben and Stuart are both big football fans and our local team, Mansfield Town Football Club is known as The Stags!

Framed wall art on wall

What do you think about our choices? Would these suit your home or do you prefer bright colours? Do comment and let me know below what you like in your home.

Framed wall art on wall with black italic text overlaying

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