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Are you looking at changing a room and considering wall art? If you are anything like me, you often consider changing things when you get bored with it. It can be expensive to redecorate so I always think wall art and prints are a perfect way to change a room a little without much money spent.

Types of wall art

Many people think of wall art as simple or abstract pieces they often have in doctors waiting rooms with no clear picture or style, simply a bit of a watercolour blur or boxes overlapping each other.

Another common wall art perception is that there are just lots of waterfall or city pictures of random places no one has been to you know. Or perhaps phrases like “live, laugh, love”.

Whilst this is the type of wall art usually found in supermarkets or cheap shops on the high street it isn’t all that is available. There really is such a huge choice you are sure to find something you love.

We have a whole selection planned for around the house. whilst we moved in earlier this year we haven’t completely decided on pictures and wall art yet in some rooms! We are changing a room at a time.

In our old house, we had a gallery wall up the stairs which we loved. This house just wouldn’t look the same as the lighting is different and the hall is darker.

I am considering a gallery wall in my office though above my desk as a nice way to fill that space without one huge picture! I have found a few prints I like using the gallery wall tool on the Desenio website which helps you to see what they look like together!

Where to place the wall art

The beauty of wall art is that it is available in a huge variety of sizes and with different frame options. I prefer to have it on a plain wall but others may like to have it elsewhere.

Do you prefer one picture or a whole wall of art? I am using a number of the images in this article to make a gallery wall in my office. I have the wallpaper you can see on one wall, the others are white so I will use copper-coloured frames to make them match perfectly!

Putting up wall art in a rented home or without nails

It is great to put up with command strips too so don’t panic if you hate putting pictures up or if you rent and are unable to put holes in the wall!

I was sceptical at first but have put up some big and heavy frames with prints successfully so it is worth checking the sizes and weights and being brave!

Have you seen the studio range at Desenio? There are some gorgeous pictures so if phrases and quotes aren’t to your style then they might be suitable.

Where to buy good wall art for changing a room

There are so many places to buy wall art but my favourite for both price and variety is Desenio. Not only that but the frames are there for you to add at the same time as the art so you do not need to try and work out the sizes you need for each, it is there for you!

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