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Decorating any part of the home is a great idea in spring. Once winter has been and gone. Spring signifies a new beginning in life as well as our home and garden. To make your home feel fresh and renewed for the warmer seasons, we have some simple ideas for you to try today. 

A bedroom with a bed and a table in a room

The bedroom is a room a lot of us forget about, but it is an important feature of our home. Ensuring your bedroom is fit for purpose is incredibly important and today we want to show you some simple ways to spruce up this room and make it feel homely and cosy. 

Install Panelling

The first thing you can try today for your bedroom if it is looking a little drab and dull is brand-new panelling. If you are bored of the same four walls and are looking for a simple method to make the room more trendy – panelling can be incredibly useful.

Explore the panelling trends of 2021 and choose an effect that brings some warmth and interest to the walls of your bedroom this year. 

Try an Ombre Feature Wall 

If you are looking to create a feature wall for your bedroom and your design is minimal – one unique twist would be to paint your wall in an ombre design.

Ombre describes one colour transitioning to another and this could add some real interest to your bedroom this spring. Start by choosing your feature colour and buy this as well as a large tub of white paint.

Get yourself 3 buckets or tubs. In the first one, add 1 part colour and 3 parts white. In the second, add 2 parts colour and 2 parts white, and in the third add 3 parts colour and 1 part white. 

When painting the wall you’ll use the pure colour, and slowly transition in fifths until reaching white. To help blend the edges you can use a dry bristled brush and move in criss-cross motions. If you have the budget, you may check out Newline Painting for a house painting in Melbourne.

Lay Fluffy Carpet 

The bedroom is all about comfort and relaxation, and it should be the place you escape to at the end of the day when you need a break. To bring some real comfort to your bedroom this spring why not invest in a thicker, fluffier carpet?

New carpet always helps to lift the design of a room and there are some stunning greys and warm neutrals trending right now.

Invest in Stunning Sheets 

When you are decorating your bedroom for success the main design element to consider is your bedding. For many, bedding is where your true design vision comes to life and it can be a wonderful chance to play around with colour.

Consider vamping up your bedding this spring with a bright pink fitted sheet and bottom pillows, a white or green duvet set, and a bright green blanket or throw on top.

There are countless colourful spring combinations to try and you will be able to have some real fun picking out and creating the perfect design for your home.

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