Are you, like me, trying to be a bit more eco-conscious this spring? Here I thought I would share with you some tips for eco-friendly cleaning, using more eco-friendly products in the kitchen and generally helping the environment a little more if you can.

bottle of white vinegar and some sponges and a scrubbing brush.
White vinegar in a glass bottle. White background. Organic cleaner.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen food storage

Whilst using plastic tubs you already own is great for food storage the amount of plastic in landfills is scary. If you are trying to help the environment then this is an area to cut back on buying and as such then throwing away.

If you are covering food then a great alternative to foil is beeswax food wraps made with organic cotton. These can be used again and again for up to a year. They can be sterilised easily and have so many uses. They even biodegrade after they are “worn out” so brilliant for the environment. I use these BeeBee ones pictured below.

Bee Bee bee's wax food wraps as an alternative to cling film

Eco-friendly cleaning

When you are cleaning there are two aspects in my opinion to consider if you would like to be more eco-friendly. One is the containers the products are in. Single use plastic containers, as we know, are really not great for the environment. The other thing to consider is the actual chemicals in the cleaning products. Do we really need to be putting all these chemicals into our environment through the sewage and water system?

There are so many simple alternatives to cleaning with chemicals like Zoflora and harsh cleaners. Did you know for example that white vinegar can actually be used to clean a huge variety of things? The below infographic gives you a few ideas but I would love to hear more if you have any suggestions please do comment them below.

Infographic designed by Pattersons who offer both home and commercial eco friendly cleaning products.

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