I have only recently discovered how amazing Zoflora is for cleaning and generally being a domestic goddess. Okay so I am not really a domestic goddess but I could be now! Check out all these Zoflora uses I have discovered.

I love the scent of this mandarin and lime one.

Box of zoflora

What is Zoflora?

Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant that is perfect for cleaning, eliminating odours and freshening up various areas of the home and garden. Here is some amazing Zoflora uses you will love.

Zoflora hacks in the Kitchen

Zoflora uses cleaning the kitchen

To disinfect your kitchen cloths and sponges pop them in a bowl of boiling water with a few capfuls in at night. In the morning your kitchen will smell good and your cloths etc will be clean and germ-free.

Use it diluted to wipe out your microwave to keep it fresh and kill germs.

Zoflora can be used to make your own reusable antibacterial wipes. Either cut up some blue cleaning cloths or use old bedding/towels and soak them in a solution of 400ml of water and 1 capful of Zoflora. Store in a sealable plastic container and simply throw in with your normal washing load once used.

Favourite zoflora scents

Disinfect the kitchen sink and draining board with Zoflora to kill the germs and give the room a lovely scent until you next wash up and do it again.

Rinse a cap full around in the bottom of the kitchen bin before you put the bin bag in. It kills germs and makes it smell nice too. Alternatively, soak a piece of kitchen roll in Zoflora then putting at the bottom of the bin works.

When you mop the floor add a cap full of Zoflora to hot water to disinfect the floor and also add a lovely scent.

Clean tidy sink area in a kitchen

Can you put Zoflora in washing machine? Zoflora in a tumble dryer?

Add a few drops to a clean cloth and put into the tumble dryer with your clothes and dry as normal. The clothes will come out smelling lovely for a lot cheaper than dryer sheets!

Put a cap full in your fabric conditioner drawer of the washing machine to really give your clothes a long-lasting scent. It helps kill germs on them too if you wash at a low temperature.

If you use eco wool dryer balls add a cap full to the ball to make your washing smell amazing.

Clean the washing machine thoroughly by running a short wash with a capful in the drawer and a cap full in the drum.

Cap of zoflora with washing machine in the background

Zoflora disinfectant spray

Give your fridge a deep clean with diluted Zoflora and eliminate bacteria that can build up around all of your food. Make sure the fridge is dry before putting your food back in.

Spray the inside of your dishwasher with a Zoflora solution between washes to kill bacteria and stop your dishwasher from smelling.

spray bottle with Zoflora cartons

Zoflora air freshener for a beautiful-smelling kitchen

Wipe a little over the outside of the kettle so that every time it boils the smell is released. This is a great tip if you are looking to sell your home or have visitors.

Use your favourite fruit-scented one in the kitchen in a small bottle with some wooden skewers to make your own reed diffuser.

Zoflora next to a toilet brush holder

Zoflora hacks for cleaning the Bathroom

Add to the toilet cistern – especially good if you have boys.

Dilute a couple of capfuls of Zoflora with hot water and pour it into your toilet brush holder. This will make your bathroom smell lovely and also disinfect and kill the germs on your toilet brush.

Did you know that showerheads can contain 300,000 times more bacteria than your front door keys? To make sure your bathroom stays clean, dismantle and soak your showerhead in a bucket of hot water with a few capfuls of Zoflora.

white clean toilet with a box of zoflora on top of the cysten

Add some in the washing machine when washing bath mats to give them a really good clean and disinfect whilst also adding a great scent.

Use it to disinfect bath toys, we all know how the collect that yucky gunk inside. Make them hygienic and fresh again.

Use it undiluted in the sink to get rid of odours!

Babies hooded towel and yellow bath duck

Zoflora hacks for cleaning everywhere

Zoflora for carpets and soft furnishings

Spray soft furnishings like curtains, tapestries and rugs with Zoflora to make them smell lovely and breezy, as well as eliminate bacteria.

When you are hoovering let the hoover suck up a small cotton ball with Zoflora on to make the rooms smell nice as you hoover!

If you have a vacuum cleaner with a scent stick, such as a pet vacuum, soaking the scent stick in some Zoflora will make your home smell lovely when you vacuum.

gtech pro hoovering carpet

Cleaning anywhere with Zoflora

Diluted in a spray bottle to clean pretty much anything. If you normally wipe something down with warm water just add a little Zoflora too and it disinfects and adds the scent!

Add it to your window cleaner to give the windows a good clean but also make every room smell lovely.

Cleaning skirting boards with a lightly diluted solution makes the whole room smell lovely and kills lots of germs.

Remote controls are breeding grounds for germs, so use some diluted Zoflora to gently wipe down your remotes and kill harmful bacteria.

The same goes for laptop keyboards and mobile phones. These get picked up and handled daily and very rarely do we think to clean them. Use a dry cloth and spray once with a diluted Zoflora solution to kill harmful bacteria.

dog licking a mans face

Zoflora for pets

Freshen up the dog and cat beds with Zoflora diluted in a spray bottle sprayed over them.

Disinfect the cat litter tray with it to get rid of all those germs.

Do you have dogs who like to roll in mud and do other messy things when out on walks? Soaking dog collars and harnesses in a bucket of Zoflora diluted with water will kill the bacteria and germs. Make sure when using it around your pets, you thoroughly rinse it to get rid of Zoflora traces.

Has your pet had an accident on your carpets? Use a carpet cleaning product and then spray diluted Zoflora on the affected area to eliminate the odour and kill any remaining germs.

If you have a pet and worry about the house smelling like them spraying diluted Zoflora on curtains and rugs can help disinfect and refresh the smell. I hate the smell of dogs so this would be so welcomed by people like me!

spray bottle with zoflora products

Zoflora and kids

Add some to a nappy bin to neutralise the smell if you have a baby with smelly nappies.

Use it diluted on your door handles throughout your home to help kill germs and ward off illnesses and viruses.

Disinfect your toddler’s potty between uses and keep harmful germs away from your child.

Leaky nappies can cause urine to soak into your child’s mattress. Using a spray bottle with a solution of diluted Zoflora and water will help clean up the area and eliminate germs and bad odours. Ensure that the mattress is fully dry before putting the bedding back on again.

Highchairs are breeding grounds for bacteria and often have lots of little nooks and crannies for bacteria to grow in. As an area that is used so often by your child, disinfecting the high chair after every use will keep your child safe from harmful bacteria.

boy pretending to be a superhero
A child pretending to be a superhero

Zoflora and Teenagers

If their bedroom smells of sweaty socks and half-eaten food dilute a cap full of Zoflora with water in a spray bottle and when you go in there collecting plates and washing give it a liberal spray around to refresh the room and make it smell like your house again instead of a rubbish tip.

Dilute Zoflora in a spray bottle and use it to spray smelly trainers.

Using Zoflora when washing sports kits gets rid of the smell and makes them lovely and fresh for the next wear.

walking boot on grass

Zoflora scents just to make the house smell nice

Refresh your bed throws and eliminate pet odours by popping the throws into a rinse cycle with a couple of capfuls of Zoflora.

Wipe Zoflora over fake plants and flowers to make them smell real.

Freshen up bedding in between washing with diluted Zoflora.

Wipe inside cupboards and drawers with a little Zoflora so that when you open them the scent hits you.

Bouquet zoflora with artificial flowers

Mix with a little water and put in an oil burner so as it evaporates the room smells lovely.

If you want to stick the scent behind something then lots of people recommend putting Zoflora on a sanitary towel and then using the sticky back to fix it up behind a toilet, in a bin, or anywhere you fancy. I am personally not sure I can brave this!

Sprinkle some on the potpourri that has lost its scent to refresh it.

Zoflora with spray bottle on bedding

Zoflora on radiators

Soak cotton balls in Zoflora and put them behind radiators. When the radiator is warm it will spread a gorgeous scent into the air.

Alternatively, you could wipe it neat on the radiators to do the same. Do be careful though with the cotton wool as, like Zoflora, it can be very flammable.

Zoflora in an essential oil diffuser

Top up reed diffusers to make the room smell nice for a fraction of the price.

two ladies hands holding beautiful lilies

Add a few drops to the filter of your hoover. This not only makes the job of hoovering nice as it releases the smell but helps to add fragrance across the whole house.

Place on the pad of your steam mop to make the floors smell lovely and disinfected well too. Never put it inside as it is flammable. (Thanks Katy for this tip she has more in her guide)

Spray around the home to neutralise odours as a cheaper but nicer and more effective version of popular brands like febreeze.

lovely clean lounge with wooden floor

Zoflora outside the house

Zoflora in the garden

Add some to the bottom of wheelie bins outside in the summer to keep flies away. Zoflora can be used to soak and scrub out your wheelie bins, killing off all the bacteria and germs that collect there.

Use it to swill out the area where the dog does its business outside to be sure it is free from the germs of children playing outside. (I don’t have a dog but love this tip)

Spray down kids’ outdoor toys with Zoflora to kill germs and give them a little clean after they’ve been played with.

beautiful pink and red flowers in a sunny garden

Zoflora in the car

Soak cotton wool balls in Zoflora then put them in the car to make a cheap but lovely car air freshener.

Use Zoflora to clean your car. Create a solution using 1 capful of Zoflora and a spray bottle filled with water, spray and wipe down the inside of your cars. If you often have dogs in your car, Zoflora is great for killing harmful bacteria. Make sure the area is dry again before you let your pets near it.

Dilute Zoflora and use it to clean down the car dashboard, drinks holder etc. If you eat in the car just think of all the germs it harbours!

Hands of a woman with a steering wheel
Hands of a woman with a steering wheel

Zoflora with other unusual uses

Going on holiday? I hate the stale smell of suitcases, so in order to make sure my clothes smell lovely and fresh, I spray the inside of my suitcase with Zoflora, wait for it to dry and then pack my clothes as usual. When you unpack at your destination, your clothes will smell lovely!

three boxes of zoflora

Ultimate Zoflora Tips and tricks

  • Don’t use Zoflora, even diluted on polished wood.
  • Find a scent you love and it makes cleaning so much more fun!
  • It is best to dilute it but some jobs need it neat to really zap the odours!
hands holding lilies
  • Be careful on soft furnishings it can make the colours run, check somewhere discrete first!
  • There are so many different fragrances you really can get your home smelling just as you want it even different scents in different rooms.
  • Zoflora is highly flammable so be careful, no house smells nice when it is on fire!
  • Don’t use Zoflora in anything if you are not sure, it can break things like the inside of steam cleaners!
spray bottle, rubber gloves and zoflora boxes

Zoflora Shopping

Check your local Poundshop, Home bargains, B&M Bargains and other similar discount shops. You may not get the latest fragrances in there but you will get a bargain!

All supermarkets sell it but reach to the back of the shelf where you may find popular fragrances that appear sold out!

Zoflora box

When you find a fragrance you like buy plenty before it sells out! Some of the popular fragrances can become really hard to get hold of, don’t regret not buying enough.

If hacks for cleaning are your kind of thing check out this post on bathroom cleaning hacks and this post on vinegar hacks!

Are you a Zoflora addict? Are you new to the stuff and excited to try out these tips? How about you pin this post on Pinterest for later using the pin below?

Comment and let me know your favourite scent below so I know which ones to look out for!

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