If you are a parent, especially with boys you know how keeping the bathroom clean can be a nightmare. Do they and some men forget that empty toilet roll tubes go in the bin, not on the floor? Never mind the toothpaste all around the sink. This is why I thought now was a great time to share some bathroom cleaning tips with you.

Red toothbrush cup with four toothbrushes of different colours in.

Easy bathroom cleaning tips

Put cola in the toilet and leave 30 minutes before flushing. This is a perfect use for when you have some left in a bottle and it has gone flat. If you are going to buy some for this buy the cheapest you can as it won’t make any difference.

Don’t put off shower enclosures because of the effort of cleaning the glass doors. Using furniture polish to clean them not only gives them a good clean but the coating it leaves on them prevents future soap build-up!

For taps and showerheads place a couple of denture tablets in a plastic bag with some water and fix them around the tap or showerhead. It is quite easy with an elastic band and helps to effortlessly remove all the grime!

Plug holes are really easily cleaned with toothpaste and an old toothbrush. It takes a couple of minutes but makes all the difference.

The easiest way to clean bathroom tiles is with toothpaste or mouthwash. For stubborn areas use mouthwash or toothpaste with whitening agents.

For a quick clean when you don’t have time to do much grab a pack of baby wipes and you will be surprised how effortlessly they give the bathroom a quick once over!

To ensure the bathroom smells nice and is thoroughly disinfected a wipe with Zoflora always does the trick. I wrote a whole post of Zoflora hacks if you want to use it more check it out!

Do you have any bathroom cleaning hacks that could help other busy parents? Pop them in the comments box below!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips for busy parents!

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