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Liverpool is a city I really do love. It is full of so much culture and so much to do. A year ago I took Ben away there for a few days and really fell in love with the place. Here I thought I would share with you 7 things I love about Liverpool so you may consider visiting too.

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Free Museums

Liverpool has a few free museums that really help you to explore the history of the city. I loved the world museum with everything from Egyptian relics to the animal kingdom it was amazing.

Liverpool One

I love the whole of Liverpool One. So many shops and such a great area for dining at the top. We went to Las Iguanas there and it was beautiful. Ben of course spent lots of my money in the shops but that is what kids do isn’t it?

The Beatles

One thing I love about Liverpool is all the history around The Beatles. One of the most amazing bands of all time and there is so much to see from their home town. I would definitely recommend The Beatles story.

Young boy in a red and white shirt at Anfield football stadium

The football

I love that Liverpool has two amazing football teams and whilst that, of course, involves rivalry it also means lots of fun. This is something I love about the area that they can be rivals but be friends too and families can be mixed in who they support and that is ok.

Photo opportunities

There are so many places you can take amazing photos in Liverpool. Instagram has so many great pictures of all there is to see and there are even wedding venues Liverpool can really shout about.

The accent

I absolutely love the Liverpool accent. I know it isn’t for everyone but I love it. It truly is something I love about the city and enjoyed when I visited. Strange I know!

Cilla Black

Did you grow up watching Blind Date? I loved it and can’t believe that there is an amazing statue of Cilla in Liverpool. Maybe that is the origin of my love for the accent, I don’t know but wow what a superstar, don’t you think?

Do you love Liverpool? Is it a city you have visited? If so what do you love about it? If you haven’t then why not?

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