We recently were offered tickets to The Beatles Story in Liverpool in return for our honest thoughts. Here I will share with you myself and Ben’s thoughts of our day and some photos of our afternoon there.

Ben with the Abbey Road sign at the Beatles Story

Where is the Beatles Story?

The Beatles Story is a themed museum in the home of The Beatles, Liverpool. It can be found in the dock area not far from the Liverpool Maritime Museum.

It is a lovely area with some lovely restaurants, shops and places to visit all within a few minutes walk.

Ben inside a yellow submarine at the Beatles story

Tickets and Opening Times

Tickets are £17 for Adults and £10 for Children. Whilst I think this is reasonable if you are big fans it is only maybe half a day out so would be quite expensive in that respect.

The nearby Liverpool Maritime Museum is free to visit though so worth spending some time there while you are in the area.

During peak summer hours it is open 9 am-7 pm so plenty of time to fit in your visit with other things in Liverpool you may have planned.

Ben standing over eleanor rigby's grave in Strawberry Fields Forever

How do the tours work?

On arrival, you receive a headset and handset so you can listen to information about all the exhibits as you walk around the museum.

In each area, there are numbers/symbols so you know what can be found on your handset to listen to or view.

Unfortunately other than this and the information boards there is no other way of getting information throughout your visit except the purchase of a guidebook.

There were no members of staff around the museum.

The Beatles musical instruments

What can you see at The Beatles Story?

The Beatles Story has a number of themed areas as you can see from the photos I am sharing with you.

Each is full of memorabilia and information great for any Fan. The areas are designed to really mimic the different key places for The Beatles and their hits.

All were done fantastically and really made you feel like you were there.

Ben in front of the Magical Mystery Tour bus

Who would enjoy The Beatles Story?

I think it is a great place to visit for any Beatles fan. I do however think it isn’t ideal for children.

Ben loves music so he did enjoy it on the whole but I think a younger more active child would have easily got bored.

Ben crossing over a crossing outside a fictional Abbey Road studios

Our overall thoughts on The Beatles Story

It is a great-themed museum perfect for any fan. I felt the prices were reasonably reflecting the amount there was to see there for any big Beatles fan.

A visit I think generally would last 90 minutes so for a family day out this would prove expensive and not particularly something many children would enjoy.

Teenage boy at the Beatles Story in Liverpool

Other things I would recommend nearby

If you are visiting The Beatles Story I would highly recommend you also check out the following:

Liverpool One – Perfect for shopping and eating out – around a 10-minute walk from The Beatles Story.

Liverpool Maritime Museum – A Free museum full of everything maritime perfect for families and around a 3-4 minute walk from The Beatles Story.

Rolys Fudge Shop – this is an amazing shop with so many flavours of delicious fudge just a couple of minutes walk from The Beatles Story and worth every penny!

Further afield in Liverpool, I would recommend VR-Here – a virtual reality centre, Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour, and The World Museum.

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One Comment

  1. I live in Birkenhead, and have never visited the Beatles Story! We’ve had friends visit from the US and other parts of the UK, who have visited the Beatles Story and really enjoyed it. However, as you say, it’s really for adults and older kids who like music and know about the Beatles. Younger kids or those not interested in the music of the 60s will probably get bored.

    The adjacent Maritime Museum and Museum of Slavery are very good and I think school-age kids will find them more interesting. I took my 4 year-old granddaughter to the first section of the Slavery museum, which is set in Africa. She enjoyed that, as it has a recreation of a Nigerian house and various African artifacts. She especially liked the African masks which gave her ideas for masks she could make herself. I did not take her through the whole of the museum as she’s too young, but the first section is a good size for a 30-40 minute visit with a small child.