On our recent trip to Liverpool, Ben and I were lucky enough to be offered a tour of the Liverpool F.C. club, Anfield. We agreed to write a review in return for the tickets however all views below are my own and those of Ben.

Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour with BuyAGift.com - A Review

Buying the tour from BuyAGift.com

Whether you buy the tour from BuyAGift.com yourself or are given it as a gift it is really easy to then go on to book the tour. Using the code you are given you just choose the date and time you prefer and then hey presto enter the info and book it.

Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour with BuyAGift.com - A Review

This means if you are buying it as a gift it is perfect as the recipient can choose the best date for them. Additionally, if they wanted to add extra people or extras like a guidebook or photos that can be done then too.

Ben with Salah shirt

How is the tour managed and how big is the group?

As we went on a tour during the school holidays there is not a tour guide as such but a device with headphones which guides you around the stadium. The group of people we entered the stadium with was around 20 although that sort of number enters every 5-10 minutes so there are a number of people around. Everyone can move along at their own speed though.

Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour with BuyAGift.com - A Review

Ben found this helpful as he finds big groups of people and feeling rushed around quite stressful. The fact we could go at our own speed listening to the parts we chose on the headset was perfect.

There were however a number of guides around the stadium who were great to chat with and told us so many interesting facts which were nice.

Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour with BuyAGift.com - A Review

Tour of Anfield, Liverpool F.C.’s stadium – What do you see?

The tour takes you through the stadium seeing the press areas, dressing rooms, players’ bar and of course through the tunnel to pitch-side with the dugout.

The home dressing room was filled with shirts from all the first teams that you could pose for photos with. Sitting where the players sit preparing for a match is the dream of any football fan.

Then walking through the tunnel and sitting in the dugout feeling like a star really makes the tour special.

liverpool fc dugout

The ground has a great history which we heard all about both from the audio guide and also from the friendly guides around the tour. Ben is a big football fan and loved it. I am less interested in football but still found it quite interesting.

The tour also includes entry to the museum which has so many trophies, kits and memorabilia from years gone by. This part is separate from the tour and next to The Boot Room restaurant in the stadium.

Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour with BuyAGift.com - A Review

Our overall thoughts on the Liverpool F.C. Stadium tour

For the price of £20 per adult and £12 per child, I think the tour is a great value. Gift vouchers from BuyAGift.com would be a lovely gift for any fan young or old. There was access to lifts when needed to ensure everyone could be part of the tour and no one missed out.

Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour with BuyAGift.com - A Review

All the tour guides were helpful. The audio guides and going around the stadium at your own speed were perfect for us.

Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour with BuyAGift.com - A Review

Tips for those going on the Liverpool F.C. Tour

If you want to eat in The Boot Room afterwards it may be easier to book a table as there are some booths with TVs you will love but these are often booked when you arrive.

Ensure your battery is fully charged for your camera or phone, you will take a lot of photos!

Don’t wear anything green or even almost green if you want to have the photos taken with the replica cup as they use a green screen.

Ben and Salah - Liverpool FC
Liverpool F.C. Anfield Tour with BuyAGift.com - A Review

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  1. Hi
    Just want to say a massive thanks to everyone(staff) of tours n reception.
    Thanks for being understanding after i missed my original booking at 1.30 p.m
    Im the skinny asian lad with the blue jacket n black jeans that came in last with the family much appreciated and you made my day!!!!!!!!!