When Buy A Gift asked if I would like to review one of their many experiences for Just Average Jen I knew I would be popular with Ben and Stuart if I chose something football related. As big supporters of The Stags (Mansfield Town Football Club) they wouldn’t be too interested in many premiership teams but a Wembley Tour seemed perfect.

There are many Travelodge hotels in the area so we could make a weekend of it without spending too much. Parking was reasonably priced too.

Wembley Stadium panoramic

How to book the Wembley Stadium tour

When you receive the envelope from Buy A Gift it is really straightforward to phone up and book your family tour. It is £50 which is a little cheaper than booking the tour directly through Wembley.

If it is for a gift the paperwork says a little about it so nice for someone to open it. However, you could as easily treat yourself and your family to the tour.

BuyAGift voucher and letter on wooden table

As this was a family ticket (2 adults 2 children) we were excited to be able to take Ryan (Stuart’s nephew) with us too. He is a big football fan so was excited to join us.

Both the lads were chatting about it over breakfast the morning of the tour and couldn’t wait. Whilst I am not a football fan I was intrigued about the stadium as a venue for concerts.

Person holding a blue smart device

The Wembley Stadium tour

Upon arrival for the tour, we were each given a handheld device and headphones ready for the tour. This showed clips and VR content at designated points throughout.

Each tour has a maximum of 50 people on it and as ours was in the summer holidays it was full, as we had expected.

The tour is suitable for children though those using a wheelchair or pushchair may struggle to see everything due to the stairs and lifts going to different parts. I am not sure, so do ring and ask them directly at the Wembley tour.

Two people standing in the stands of Wembley Stadium

The tour guide was friendly and really had a lot of knowledge to share. We started the tour up in the stands where we were told some information about the structure of the stadium and how it had been designed with acoustics in the forefront.

We all shouted “Hello Wembley” as all the stars who perform here do. Wow, it was amazing how it sounded. Just to think of all the singers I know who have performed there.

Young boy stood in a dressing room in front of Henderson\'s football shirt

What can you see?

The tour included seeing inside the dressing rooms which had various shirts hanging up to be seen and photographed with.

Whilst it was quite busy with so many people in there it was manageable and great to see. This is the same area stars such as Take That would have as dressing rooms before a show.

Young boy sitting in the dressing room in front of Beckham\'s football shirt

Seeing the shirts of the stars and sitting where they sit to change was great. I personally was surprised by how little space to some degree they each get. Ben and Ryan loved it and Ben took photos of everything.

Young boy stood in the corridors of Wembley Stadium by a football boot

The tour took us through corridors all lined with photos, signed shirts and boots it was nice and fascinating to see the area full of these. It included various stars who had performed or played at Wembley so far more than just football.

There must be so many of these to choose from so I don’t envy who decided who makes the cut, or maybe everyone is around the arena somewhere?

A tiled shower room at Wembley Stadium

Seeing the showers, physiotherapy area etc was interesting and I guess I hadn’t thought that they would all shower together and imagined that whilst there would be some communal areas I thought there would be cubicles too.

Maybe that is just my lack of football knowledge though. I wonder if music groups all share a shower in here too?

They did say that American Footballers have to have the doors removed for the dressing rooms when they come as they are so wide with all their kit on!

When we went to the area where they generally do the player interviews before and after the match rather than taking photos Stuart had the idea of doing videos.

I think these are great so do feel free to have a watch. They show how many of these interviews Ben and Ryan must have watched!

The press conference area was another that was popular both with all of us and others on the tour. Posing for photos and pretending to be the managers was great fun.

The tour guide was taking photos for people if required so that all the family could be in them. There was time for everyone in the group to do this so whilst it was a group of 50 it wasn’t a problem.

Two people sitting at the press conference desk at Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium tour for people with autism

The whole tour was amazing and so well organised. At one point Ben’s autism caused him some problems and he had a bit of a meltdown.

The staff were amazing in supporting and an additional guide came along to help so that we could be apart from the main group which helped Ben.

They didn’t know I was there to review so I am sure this is just brilliant customer service and disability awareness.

Young boy stood by the pitch at Wembley Stadium

Running through the tunnel as if about to play a match was one part they loved. Followed by seeing the Royal box and sitting where Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, sits was great.

There was a replica FA Cup we could hold too. This was the only part of the tour which had an additional cost. Whilst holding the cup wasn’t charged this was the only area we were unable to take our own photos.

They sold those at the end in the shop area. We paid £20 for two large photos and keyrings of the image so not too bad a price at all.

Two kids sitting in seats at Wembley Stadium

Can you imagine these two as future managers watching their teams from the dugout?

An extra to the tour

After the tour, we were outside Wembley and saw a YouTube star, Spencer Owen from the YouTube Channel Spencer FC which is extremely popular.

I must admit I didn’t have a clue who he was until I looked him up, Ryan spotted him being one of his fans.

Spencer was filming for one of his videos and seeing him really topped off, for the boys, what had already been a fabulous morning.

A group of people standing together with a football

Our overall thoughts

For football fans and concert lovers alike this would be a great family tour. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it myself being not really interested in football!

Wembley is somewhere we have all heard of and many have never been to so I would definitely recommend the tour as a family day out.

There are also individual tickets available directly from Wembley. Between us, we must have taken hundreds of photos so these are only a few!

The Buy A Gift ticket was gifted to us to review however all views above are my own and those of Ben, Stuart and Ryan who went on the tour with me.

Two people standing in the stands of Wembley Stadium

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