Ben loves a remote control car but there is only so much fun you can have with them isn’t there. Not any more! This zero gravity laser racer can drive up walls, on ceilings and of course on the floor too.

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Setting up Zero Gravity Laser Racer

It is actually really easy to set this toy up. It does not come with everything screwed into the packaging and much to do. I hate toys that involve too much unpackaging and excess waste, don’t you?

Simply unpackage the USB cable, pointer and car. Using a screwdriver remove the battery cover from the pointer and put in 3 AAA batteries. The USB cable easily fits into the back of the car to charge it and it is ready to play with quite quickly.

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Playing with the Zero Gravity Laser Racer – top tips

This toy is extremely easy to play with. There are no controls to change the direction and only a simple trigger button to shine the laser (not an actual laser). The car then follows the “laser”. If you want to use it on the floor then use it on a hard floor as it does not work well on carpet.

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The car has two settings one is noisy and essentially like a suction that holds the car to the wall or ceiling, and the other is for on the floor. The car is light and despite being dropped down the stairs seems to have fared well and not broken!

When using the Zero Gravity laser it is important to remember it only works on flat surfaces. It does not turn corners onto the floor or ceiling from a wall.

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The best places to play with Zero Gravity Laser Racer

We found the best places to use the car were places that were accessible if it gets stuck in a corner! If the battery goes or it hits a bump it can fall off the ceiling or wall as it loses suction. We had it on the wall and at one point it fell behind a cabinet which was tricky to retrieve!

The stairs are a great place to play with it due to the long high walls. Before letting your child play here though, aside from the safety things to consider, make sure you have a broom or something similar handy so if it gets stuck in a corner you can knock the suction loose!

Who is the Zero Gravity racer perfect for?

This toy is marketed to children 8 years and above which I feel is appropriate. It is easy to operate. I think it a perfect toy for someone who, like Ben, struggles at times with their motor skills.

It works best on flat surfaces so if you have textured wallpaper and only have carpets this is not a toy for you. Otherwise, I would highly recommend it. Ben was giggling whilst playing with it and had such fun.

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Would we recommend it?

Ben says he thinks it is a great toy but when it drops off the ceiling it is a little frustrating. He was pleased it did not break on dropping though! Ben is a perfect height for putting it on the ceiling himself so says someone shorter would need help.

As a mum, I think it is a great toy. If Ben was shorter though I am not sure how much I would have liked helping him with it though. I had a go with Zero Gravity racer and was impressed. Actually, I am in fact thinking of buying my nephew one for Christmas!

The Zero Gravity is made by Spinmaster and available from a variety of stores including Amazon here, Smyths, Argos and other good retailers! It is currently around £30 and other than needing the use of a screwdriver and 3 AAA batteries are all you need for fun!

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