This Escape room game was sent to me for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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How does the game work?

The box contains 3 different escape room games. There are also a number of plastic keys and a Chrono decoder.

Everything you need to play the games is included in the box except 3 AA Batteries, paper and pens for all playing.

A closeup of the Escape Room game contents

Each game lasts for 60 minutes with the Chrono decoder counting down time.

Play is in a group working as a team with 3-5 people advised but really you could have more but it would be hard to all see the information.

Each game has three sections to complete with hints along the way if needed.

Closeup of pieces from Escape Room game

Who is the game suitable for?

The game is aimed at players over the age of 16. Whilst there is no adult element to the game I feel this is probably a fair age guide as it is quite hard and involves strategy, logical thinking and quite complex ideas.

Closeup of pieces from Escape Room game

The game would be great for families, friends or even a group of colleagues as a team-building game. Working as a team is essential and it really requires people with different ways of thinking.

Closeup of Escape Room game pieces

Where can the game be bought?

Amazon stock the game for £29.99 but it is also available in a variety of other stores so well worth a look. I can imagine it will be popular though so may sell out easily.

Would we recommend Escape Room The Game?

If you are looking for a game for a group of adults to enjoy over Christmas that no one is an “expert” in then this is the game. Instead of having a game of Monopoly where there is always someone who is amazing at it and is soon ahead this game is great for everyone!

A closeup of the machine from Escape Room game

Anything else I should know before buying the game?

There are some elements of the game you could really only play once as you may remember the clues etc. That said for three hours of entertainment it really is worth buying even if you only use it once. If you do buy it make sure you also pick up some AA batteries!

Extreme closeup of the machine from Escape Room game
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