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As an adult, it is likely that you will have friends spread over the country or even over the world so buying gifts at a distance or those you can post is extremely important. We often want to get something special still if we can not be with them for their birthday. I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration. Do let me know in the comments of any others you recommend.

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A bouquet of flowers does not need to be a boring gift with so many gorgeous flowers now available for delivery all over the country. Whether you want to send them pink flowers for their birthday or white lilies to show you are thinking of them after a bereavement there really is something for everyone.

When looking for flowers it is easy to spend whatever amount you choose depending on your budget. A brand like Flowwow has some stunning bouquets for a few hundred pounds to really make a statement but also lovely bouquets and displays for around £25. There really is something for every budget when it comes to flowers.

For the best value flowers, it is always wise to ask a florist or research online what is in season. They always last better too if they are in season in my experience.

What are your favourite flowers? I love gerberas, lilies and sunflowers! To be fair I am not sure there are any flowers that I don’t like!


If you are buying a gift for someone special then you can’t go wrong with jewellery too and this is another gift that really does cover a lot of budgets. What you buy will depend on your relationship with the recipient and what sort of jewellery they love and wear already.

If you are a little unsure I always think a locket is a great choice as there are some stunning choices available nowadays and there is sure to be something to their style. I reviewed a gorgeous one from Lily Blanche you might like to consider.

If your budget is low then you could buy a charm for a bracelet they already have or some basic cheap earrings and post them yourself. Amazon has some lovely bargain buys!

Something homemade

Do you have any creative talents? I always think sending something personal that you have made yourself is a lovely idea when looking for gifts for a friend and it shows true thought and care. The recipient will know the time you spend and appreciate this without it having to cost you too much.

If you are less creative then perhaps something from Etsy online would be a good gift. There are so many unique ideas on there so you are sure to find something they do not already have and if you know their interests you can find something really special.

Do you have any crafting skills? I can sew a little and used to enjoy using my sewing machine but not much else! I am currently trying to write a novel but I am not sure that counts!

A hamper

Hampers always make a lovely gift whether you make one yourself with gifts for a friend you have chosen specifically or buy a ready-made hamper.

There are hampers for everything nowadays from cheese to sweets and even wine hampers or gin hampers if your friend loves a drink or two! I have seen some amazing hampers recently and whilst they are more common at Christmas there really is one for every occasion!

A subscription

If you have a friend who literally seems to have everything then you could consider buying them a subscription box. With most subscription boxes there are options to buy a one-off box, a 3-month subscription or a 6-month subscription as well as a full year. It means there is something suitable for most budgets and it might become a gift you buy them every year.

Have you seen any nice subscription boxes you would love as a gift? Maybe your friend would like the one you have been hoping for? There are subscriptions for gin, wine, chocolates, beauty products, stationery, wax melts and so much more.

Do you have any go-to presents you like to buy for a friend and send in the post? Do let me know in the comments as I am always running out of ideas for my friend to who I post presents and seem to be running out of ideas on Amazon!

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