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Some people are really difficult to buy for if even all my gift guides have not helped you then how about making a hamper. You could make a themed hamper or just a general food hamper. Give it some thought and see if these tips help you.

Closeup of Christmas hampers with cellophane

Choosing a container for your hamper

Do you have a basket around the house that would make a perfect hamper that you never use? Alternatively what about a beautiful gift box you have never found another use for but kept just in case you have a use for it someday?

If you want the cheapest option why not cover a basic cardboard box with some wrapping paper? It sounds a bit rubbish but actually once you add some custom ribbon or perhaps even spend a little more for personalised ribbon and cellophane if you fancy it will look amazing! Whatever you will put inside will look great with these wrappings.

Choosing the contents of your hamper

Do you have a theme for the hamper, perhaps you want all gifts that have a salted caramel theme or a rose gold theme? If you have a theme for your hamper it will look even better but this is not necessary.

If you are buying food for a hamper try to buy things on offer but that are not always on offer. So if this week your local supermarket has their premium range of mince pies at half price and a black Friday offer on gin this could be two easy additions for less than you would usually pay.

Finding lots of bigger but cheap items for the hamper is a great way of bulking it out. Your local pound shop is a great place to go for this. Other shops to look in are Home Bargains and B&M. Items such as a notebook which fit the theme or a kitchen sign you can usually get for maybe £1 or so but add a nice touch.

Adding useful items to the hamper

If you are making a hamper for someone who is a little short of money or does not often treat themselves then sometimes a useful present like a chopping board or utensils can be a great addition.

If you are wrapping the finished hamper with cellophane then tall long items like a wooden spoon, tube of foil or a bottle of wine add great height to help with the wrapping!

If you are struggling for money, making your gift on a budget

These tips should help you if you are making a hamper on a budget and want to make it as cheaply as possible.

  • Choose a small box/basket to fill so you don’t buy more than you can afford
  • Add “I owe you” notes for things you can give in the future or perhaps tasks you can do.
  • Include items you know they will love if they like chocolate brazils they are sure to be impressed that you remembered more than they will be concerned which brand you chose!
  • Add homemade items such as some homemade fudge. This slow cooker fudge recipe is a great choice. Alternatively, perhaps homemade mince pies or some Christmas rocky road?
  • What else can you make? Do you make candles, soap or even decorate glasses? Why not put your skills to use to form part of the gift?
Pinterest pin for closeup of Christmas hamper with cellophane

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