Sometimes I don’t feel very Christmassy. This year I am really not feeling it at all. We don’t have our tree up yet and whilst I have bought the Christmas cards I haven’t written them.

I was thinking about how I could get more into the Christmas spirit and thought I would share some fun ideas with you! Are you like me and have ordered all your gifts online but not considered wrapping them yet?

elf putting glitter onto a sprout!

9 ways to feel more festive

Get the decorations up – Whilst I really am not feeling it this year I know once we get the tree and other decorations up it will help get me in the mood. Especially when we do it with Christmas music on. 

Buy some elves to help you feel festive. You don’t have to do the elf on the shelf if like me you find that a bit too much hard work. If you love making your elf a little naughty but struggle for ideas here are some great ones.

You could do kindness elves. This is where you encourage your children to do something kind every day. Maybe the elves would leave a note asking them to donate an old toy to charity or donate an item to the food bank.

These elves are the nicest ones I have seen so far. They are available at Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, The Works and The Range. 

Do some Christmas baking? Whilst it isn’t overly healthy it really does get you in the mood. You could always make mince pies for a neighbour if you wanted to avoid eating them yourself. Maybe you have a great Christmas cake recipe?

I would love any recommendations if you have any do comment and let me know! This sticky gingerbread traybake is perfect for Christmas.

I love any kind of baking so would probably bake something like a chocolate flapjack that I didn’t feel I had to save for Christmas!

elves with a flaming christmas pudding

Candles always make me feel Christmassy so a nice scent such as cinnamon or mulled fruits can really put you in the mood. Don’t forget to make sure you do it safely though. A house fire really wouldn’t help make you feel Christmassy!

Have a party! Children always seem to have little Christmas parties at school. Why not do the same? You don’t need sausage rolls and party rings to make it fun. A few friends and a bottle of wine could really help to start the season well. 

Wrap all those presents you have been buying. There is nothing that gets you more in the Christmas spirit than seeing a pile of presents all wrapped and ready. 

elves wrapping presents

Countdown with your advent calendar, a note on the fridge or maybe a scratch countdown from Elves Behavin Badly.

Do you visit family and friends over the Christmas and New Year seasons? Sometimes planning these visits and chatting about taking food and drink etc can help. 

Don’t worry if you are feeling like Christmas is all just too much. If you have depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues  Christmas can be a difficult time.

It feels like everyone else is having a great time and has no worries. Do remember though that there are many people like you out there putting on a fake smile.

Please don’t feel you are alone as you are not. If you need to talk to someone remember the Samaritans you can call them any day any time on 116123 from the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

scratch off Christmas advent calendar for good behaviour

What do you do to help you get into the festive spirit? I am really struggling this year with recovering from my operation so any ideas hugely appreciated.

two elves with a gingerbread man in a blender!

Thank you to Elves Behavin’ Badly for all the fun pictures above!

Pinterest pin of Christmas decorations

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