Kidney Stones can be extremely unpleasant to deal with. But yet it can be something that many people can suffer with. It is more common amongst adults aged between 30 and 60.

You tend to be more at risk of developing kidney stones if you don’t drink enough fluids. Also having a condition that causes certain substances in the body to increase can also cause problems. 

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So what are they?

They are little crystals that develop within your urine. Sometimes these can pass without even being identified or causing you any pain. Other times they can come together to form a hard larger lump that can block the urinary tract or cause other problems. 

You are more likely to suffer from these if you don’t drink enough fluids. Drinking plenty of water can have the effect of flushing your body of substances that can cause these problems. If your body has created one of these kidney stones, then the natural reaction for your body is to pass it. This means it travels through your kidneys, the kidney tubes, and your bladder. This is where the pain stems from. 

What causes them to appear?

It can be a few different reasons. You may not be drinking enough fluid in the day. Your body needs fluid to rid it of bad toxins and substances. Which are then disposed of out of your body through your urine.

You may have a medical condition that also increases certain substance types in your body. Of course, these kinds of things can’t be prevented, but you may be aware from your doctor to look out for the signs.

There is some excellent information on the internet to advise on the causes of kidney stones with some useful hints and tips to treat them. 

How do you treat them?

Most kidney stones are small enough to pass through your system without causing you too much upset or pain. Sometimes they can be that small that they are completely unnoticed.

The symptoms you suffer, such as the pain, can be treated at home. Alternatively, if the kidney stones are fairly large, then they may need to be broken down. This can be done through ultrasound and x-rays.

There is a possibility that you will have to have surgery to remove them. Unfortunately, once you have suffered from kidney stones, it’s likely you will get them again. This could occur anywhere in the next five years from originally suffering with them. 

The main form of treatment would be self-care and medication from your doctor. They can provide you with a strong painkiller while your body naturally allows kidney stones to pass. 

How do you prevent them from occurring?

It would all depend on your diet but keeping your body hydrated is one way of preventing kidney stones. Sometimes kidney stones can be developed by a build-up of a particular substance.

These can be found in certain foods. The best thing to do is to make sure you have a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. 

Hopefully, this has helped you to be more aware of what kidney stones are.

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