Whenever I was little and complained of a headache, the response was, without fail, “Have you drunk enough water?” Likewise, without fail, my answer was always a lie of saying I had.

The benefits of drinking water is something we always hear about regularly, and that’s because it is vital to leading a healthy life.

glass of water because there are so many benefits of drinking water

Here are the major benefits:

Quench your thirst

This is the most obvious reason for drinking water, but it is also often overlooked. Many of us run to the fridge for orange juice or a bottle of fizzy pop when we need a drink rather than choosing water.

Hot beverages, such as tea and coffee, are popular choices, too. When it comes to hitting the recommended 6 to 8 glasses a day, the NHS states that in addition to water, skimmed milk, diet fizzy drinks, tea and coffee all count. Black coffee is of course healthier than adding milk or cream!

However, despite this, water is always the best choice. The caffeine contained in some drinks can harm your overall health, and some find it makes them feel even thirstier.

Aids Digestion

With so many people worrying about their weight, having a healthy digestive system will certainly improve matters. Drinking sufficient water will ensure that the food is properly broken down and that your body will absorb the nutrients.

Furthermore, water helps to soften your stools, so by drinking plenty, you can help to avoid constipation.

Reduces Hunger

You’re probably sick of hearing this, but it is true. On many occasions, when you dive into the pantry searching for something to relieve your hunger, you are more than likely just thirsty.

Next time you feel the urge to snack, try drinking a glass of water. Wait around fifteen minutes and see if your hunger has dissipated.

Of course, if all you are thinking about for that quarter of an hour is being able to finally give in to your food impulses, this won’t help. Do something else to take your mind off it as well.

Reduces Pain

Whether you are an exercise fanatic or not, no one wants to be afflicted with joint or muscle pain.

Drinking sufficient water each day will ensure that your joints are lubricated. A huge 80% of your joints’ cartilage is made up of water, so drinking water will prevent dehydration which inevitably leads to a reduced shock-absorbing ability and thus increased joint pain.

After exercise, rehydrating is a vital component in preventing or at least reducing the length of, muscle soreness. This is one of the most amazing benefits of drinking water I think!

Improved Skin

Dehydration has a significant impact on your skin. It can become dry and look grey and unhealthy without sufficient water getting into your body to flush out the toxins. Many celebrities swear by water as a way to keep their skin looking radiant and youthful.

Unfortunately, even though we know the main benefits, it can still be hard to force it down our throats sometimes. Flavouring your water with a little sugar-free squash can help. I prefer something sharp and quenching like lemon.

Getting into a pattern when it comes to drinking your water can be useful. For example, before a meal, you may choose to drink a glass, or even just half a glass, before picking up your knife and fork.

Each time you visit the toilet, try increasing your intake by a glassful. If you are stuck at home more often at the moment because of this pandemic, you may find yourself glued to the sofa a bit more than usual.

Try setting a timer on your phone so that every hour, you drink some more water and also go up and down the stairs five times, or whatever amount works for you.

If you can follow some of this advice you will soon see the benefits of drinking water and feel much healthier.

Need help drinking more?

Do you need more help and motivation to keep you drinking water throughout the day? This water tracker could keep you on track easily. Sign up below to download my free tracker.

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