If you love to take photos of your food for Instagram it is easy to get disheartened if others have photos which seem to look so much better.

When you are sharing your healthy meals though it is what is on the plate, not the background that is really important isn’t it?

That said it is easy to make a few simple changes and have better pictures. This is where The Instagram bag comes in handy.

Closeup of Foodie Bag

What does the bag include?

The bag itself is lovely and definitely good for more than just holding all the goodies that come with it. It is a good size, has an internal zip pocket and holds so much.

In the bag, you will find four background papers to give your photos a good background. Depending on the colours of your food, plates and any other items you can choose the perfect background to suit. I use backgrounds a lot for my photos as it makes such a difference.

Closeup of The Foodie Bag design

Also included is a selection of eight postcards with stylish food images to inspire you and tips on the back for taking good photos of food.

The tips include how to use the included reflector and diffuser. I have never used these before despite having them as I was just a bit unsure of how to use them well. Not that I will be using them with confidence.

The bag includes a photographic reflector and diffuser to help you get the lighting right in your pictures and minimise shadows. Whilst in my photos they are creased, this is how they arrive but honestly, you don’t need to worry about that!

Closeup of photographic contents of the Foodie Bag

My thoughts on the bag and it’s contents

I love the bag and think the tips and equipment inside the bag are good for a beginner. Unfortunately, the backgrounds are not waterproof but if you are not clumsy, like me, then you will probably be ok.

The bag, with its contents, is £39.95 including postage and packing. I am aware you can get the items cheaper but the tips and the items combined are great. It is not ideal for an already keen photographer who has some idea of what they are doing already but for a beginner it is perfect.

Close up of the filters for the Foodie Bag

This would be an ideal gift for an aspiring foodie who is disappointed with their photography but does not know where to start. There is no reason it has to be for a blogger or influencer and anyone that enjoys sharing their food photos on Instagram would love it and find it helpful.

If you are looking for tips to get started with food photography and take amazing photos then this bag is a perfect treat you could buy for yourself. Don’t forget if you earn from your website then this is a “tool for the trade” so you can include it in your expenses!

The below photo was taken of some tasty Ramen Noodles that Ben recently made using one of the backgrounds in the Instagram bag. As you can see we did not use the diffuser or reflector! Watch out on my Instagram for more pictures that use all of them!

A bowl of ramen on marble background

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