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For an absolutely unique holiday, Lapland is perfect. There is such an allure in the arctic. During winter, there is snow for almost 5 months. Lapland sounds amazing!

Lapland is a winter wonderland offering many winter activities. Let Lapland cast its powerful spell on you.

Ice Formation

1.  Be mesmerized by the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, typically is seen from late August to mid-April. It is a natural light display in the sky and is mostly seen in high-latitude regions. This natural phenomenon is the result when particles from the sun hit the Earth’s magnetosphere. These disturbances caused by solar winds create a spectacular light show in the sky. Lapland is an excellent location to view the Aurora Borealis.

2.  Reconnect with your inner child with Santa Claus magic.

Santa Claus traditionally lives in the North Pole, with Lapland his ‘official’ residence. Children and adults will be filled with wonder by all the amusements. Meeting the man in red is a highlight of any trip to Lapland.

A boat docking in front of mountains in Norway

3.  Have a thrilling stay at the ice hotel.

For an unusual adventure, try an ice hotel which is gleaming and glittering, the interiors offer a fairytale-like experience.

Imagine being surrounded by ice sculptures, wall art, ice-carved chairs, four-poster beds. Even a glass made of ice that you can drink at the bar. All these stunning features will surely make for exciting holiday photos.

People often wonder how an ice hotel works. Ice hotels are like huge igloos working on the same principle. Ice and air have low thermal conductivity and are both excellent insulators. The ice structure prevents heat from being transferred to the surroundings.

The temperature

As soon as you step inside, you will notice the difference in temperature. Igloos depend on sub-freezing temperatures and the temperature inside rarely drops below minus five Centigrade. They melt in the summer so are rebuilt from fresh ice every year.

Suitable night clothing and bags provided by the hotel will keep you snug and warm. As long as the temperature outside is over minus 25 Centigrade you will be fine.

Ice hotels have warm bathrooms in a building close by because the water inside an ice hotel room will freeze solid. Rooms do not have en-suite facilities, but this makes it unique. Sleeping in an ice hotel you can truly experience winter. It is quiet, dark, and serene, a most fascinating adventure you should not miss.

Would you love to visit Lapland or is it a bit cold for you? I would love it I think and I am sure Ben would. I expect that like any teenager though he would whinge about the cold! To be honest I probably would too as much as I would love the experience I am not a fan of the cold. Saying that I am not great with too hot weather either! I guess this kind of climate is just right for me. Or perhaps the Mediterranean, not too warm but nice.

Pinterest pin of snowy ground in Lapland

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