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Bathrooms are probably the most used rooms in a home, and they can show signs of wear and tear pretty readily, especially if they were put together without very much forethought in the first place.

The idea of re-designing your bathroom can be an instant worry to a homeowner: there is a conception that bathroom work of this sort is time-consuming, expensive and prone to all sorts of hassle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s take a look.

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Consideration One: How Big is Your Bathroom?

How much space do you have in the bathroom? If you have a tiny bathroom, you will have to, sadly, abandon your dreams of having his-and-her sinks, or of stretching out in a full-length tub.

Once you accept the dimensions of your bathroom, you can plan a surprisingly comfortable layout by making the best use of the available space. Harrogate Bathrooms is one of the top bathroom showrooms in Harrogate and it is very easy to book an appointment with them to discuss your options. They can help you with re-designing your bathroom on a budget.

Consideration Two: Where are the Pipes?

Bathroom designers, when working for economy rather than aesthetics, tend to bunch all the fittings (toilet, bath, shower, basin, etc) close to the water pipes which every modern bathroom relies upon for fresh clean water coming in and old, stale or dirty water going out.

When you are remodelling your bathroom, if you can keep using those same intakes and outflows, your bathroom remodel price is dramatically reduced. NB: speak to a qualified plumber about any changes that must be made to the plumbing, as it is all too easy to go wrong if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing.

Easy Transformation One: Colour

Changing the colour of your bathroom is an easy way to make a drastic transformation to the appearance of your bathroom. Swapping plain white paint for striking navy blue, for example, completely transforms the bathroom without anything else needing to be done.

Do bear in mind though when re-designing your bathrom, light colours widen and open out spaces, while dark ones can pull it together and make a room seem smaller. But this can be managed with accent walls of strong colour interspersed with lighter colours for openness.

Easy Transformation Two: Fittings

Upgrade the fittings for instant polish. Old-fashioned taps and bath-plug chains are small features, but they can date a bathroom immediately.

Spend a little more on new stylish fittings – from taps to cupboard handles and drawer pulls – and see how that instantly makes your bathroom appear as though you have given it a full makeover.

Easy Transformation Three: Storage

Storage in the bathroom is essential. There are hundreds of cunning storage solutions on the market today, making use of everything from the back of the door to under the basin to, even, around the sides of the bath.

The more fitted storage you can squeeze into your bathroom, the better it will look, simply because there will be no visible clutter.

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