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Having an accessible bathroom isn’t always all about older people. Many young people are disabled and want a stylish bathroom and there is no reason you can’t do just because of accessibility issues.

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Not all disabilities are visible

Not all disabilities are visible so adaptions don’t just have to be about wheelchair users. Someone who struggles with coordination for example would benefit from a walk-in bath.

The movement of having to climb into a bath is quite tricky so a walk-in bath makes it much easier.

Lower level sink

If a lower-level sink is required this does not mean it can’t be classy and stylish. The height of it is usually just dictated by how it is fitted so on the whole you can have it wherever you want it!

A lower-level sink is perfect for children too and at the end of the day taller people can still manage so, there is no reason not to make it accessible.

Grab rails

The addition of grab rails can make it easier for someone to get in and out of the bath or shower without support. Independence is so important that if a small addition like that can mean someone is more independent it would be silly not to use it wouldn’t it?

With a variety available for less than a tenner on Amazon it is an easy way to ensure visitors to your home are comfortable.

Everything at varied heights

When you think of mirrors it is always worth getting a long one so whatever height someone is either in a wheelchair, on a chair or just standing it suits.

There is no reason not to have a full-length mirror but lots of benefits to one, even if it is just so you can see how you look before you go out!


Seating is great for everyone in the bathroom but by having a chair or stool it means if someone with limited mobility or elderly visits they don’t have to ask to take something to help them.

Stools perfect for the bathroom that can easily be used in the shower are absolutely perfect. Getting out of walk-in baths is easier than a normal bath but it makes it harder without a seat.

Alternatively, you can get special bath seats to help you in and out of the bath without too much bending. worth investing ready for old age too I imagine.

Accessible bathroom design tips

If you are completely redesigning your bathroom then consider how close the toilet is to the wall and if you could move it slightly further from the wall to make it more accessible.

If you have a small bathroom and you are not completely redoing it but just replacing items this is not always possible, however. Bathrooms can be expensive can’t they, especially when pipes need moving!

Do you have someone with a disability or mobility issues in your family who you could make small changes to your bathroom for?

A few small changes can be great if they visit or some bigger changes if you are already planning a big renovation or they visit often.

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