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Moving home is always an expensive ordeal. You have to pay for movers, estate agents, and even fees to sell your old home, and this can often add up to more than you make back on the old place if you’re moving somewhere bigger. You may not be able to predict how much your family will grow or when you will get pregnant, but you can often adapt your home to meet your needs rather than having to move out. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make your current home large enough for your family. Don’t be worrying too soon after having a baby though!

Building Extensions

Adding to your home with a building extension can be a great way to avoid moving. You will need some land if you want to build outwards, but many homes also have room for extensions that go up.

Planning permission is also a must-have when you’re going through this, but you will usually need to have designs ready before you can apply for this. Most builders will be able to help you with an extension on your home, and there are plenty of reviews for this sort of service around the web. This should make it nice and easy to handle your extension project without disrupting your life too much.

Into The Loft

Getting planning permission to add to your home can be hard, but it isn’t the only way to approach your growing home. Lofts can make ideal spaces for rooms when they are converted properly.

Large lofts can have stairs that go up to them, windows, and all of the utilities found in the rest of your home, making them great for bedrooms. Loft conversion cost estimates tend to be less than those found for full-blown extensions. Not every home is suitable for this sort of change, but it can be a great way to save some money and still get excellent results.

A Garden Build

Gardens can offer a lot of extra space for your home when you use them correctly. Certain types of structure don’t require planning permission, often making it easy to create more rooms when you are smart about the way that they are built.

A substantial shed with double-glazed windows, insulation and proper decor could make a great storage space or office, with some people even using spaces like this for teenage children to give them more freedom. It’s well worth doing your research if you decide to go down this route, and you also need to decide whether or not you’re happy for your addition to be outside of your home.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of making your home grow with your family. This sort of process can be tricky to get through, but there are loads of options on the market and you need only make a few searches to get the ball rolling on your home-growth.

With all the stress don’t forget to schedule in some date nights too.

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