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When you start out as a blogger it is easy to be a bit confused by how other bloggers make their money. Some niches are more profitable than others. I thought I would write you a post to share with you my experiences and help you to know how you can make money too.

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Affiliate income

Affiliate income is made while people read your posts and work with old posts too. It is a perfect way to make a passive income meaning you don’t need to be writing new posts to make the money.

There are a number of affiliate schemes such as Amazon. Many companies have an affiliate scheme so if you advertise their products and someone goes on to buy them you get a percentage as a thank you.

SEO posts

SEO posts are generally those which require links to a client and a Do-Follow style link. This helps their website move higher up in search rankings if they get lots of links back from popular high-ranking bloggers.

These requests usually come from an SEO agency and the content is less important than the link as long as it is relevant. Working for a brand, on the other hand, is when the content that talks about the brand is really important.

Brand Collaborations

When a blogger shares a product with their followers it can encourage them to try new brands or products.

The influencer industry is growing rapidly and bloggers with large followings have opportunities to help brands get their products seen in this way.

Look at Mrs Hinch for example, if she uses a cleaning product it flies off the shelves. Brands seek out bloggers to promote their products.

Selling products

Creating your own products to sell whether physical or electronic can give you an additional income stream. I know some bloggers have ebooks, and others have courses or help you with your blog and do virtual assistance work.

Social media collaborations

If you have a good social media following brands can ask you to share their products with your followers. This can be in the way of Instagram Stories or grid posts or whatever the brand thinks will help them. A great way of earning some income without too much work in some respects.

Advertising space

Selling advertising space is quite straightforward. If a brand gives you the image and coding they require it is easy to add this to your site. This sort of collaboration is one to consider carefully as depending on what the company are advertising you may find it is something you do not want to promote.

Advertising Brokers

Instead of working with individual companies on adverts you can work with a broker such as Mediavine, Ezoic, Google Adsense or similar.

They collaborate with a number of brands and you merely add their code to your site and they chop and change the ads remotely. With companies like this, you can choose to avoid certain areas etc.

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