Today I have a guest post from Emma who blogs at Make money without a job all about ways to make money, save money and live the life you want, whether that is buying toys for the kids, designer glasses, or maybe even considering botox injections?

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Most of us could do with finding ways to make extra money from the comfort of our own homes. However, the internet is littered with getting rich quick schemes that are often scams.

In this post, I want to share some genuine ways to make money from home that don’t involve multi-level marketing or scams. Equally, you don’t have to start selling solar panels door to door either!

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Make money with Online Surveys

Did you know that companies will pay you for your opinion? Online surveys are a way for companies to get feedback on their new products or to carry out market research before going to the expense of creating new products and services.

You can earn money by taking part in these online surveys. The amount that you earn usually depends on how much time and effort you need to put into the surveys.

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Make money with eBay reselling

Reselling is not a new idea, however, it is gaining in popularity. If you like the idea of getting paid to shop and you can spot a bargain then you might enjoy reselling on eBay.

The idea is really simple – you need to find an item to buy and then sell it for a profit. You can find items to sell from charity shops, car boot sales, auctions and Facebook marketplace to name a few.

This is one business you can start with very little money – you could even just start off with £10 to buy your first few items to resell.

Make sure to account for postage costs and your eBay and Paypal fees when working out whether to buy a certain item to resell.

There are so many fantastic items to choose from when it comes to reselling. You could look at reselling clothing items, shoes, handbags, games, books, collectables and so much more.

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Make money from home: Mystery shopping

This one might be cheating because you often have to leave your house to complete mystery shopping assignments, but it was still worthy of being on the list because it is a great way to not only make extra money but also to get free items or meals out.

Mystery shopping is how companies evaluate their performance. Think about it – if a location knew that an area manager would be visiting then they would be on best behaviour. That’s where mystery shoppers step in – they visit the location like a normal shopper and report back on how things went.

Mystery shopping assignments vary, but they usually involve purchasing an item or having a meal in a restaurant. Afterwards, you need to complete a report and then you are paid for completing the task and your purchase (or meal) are reimbursed.

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Make money from home: Earn cash from your receipts

Did you know that your buying patterns are useful to brands, stores and manufacturers? Getting their hands on something like your receipts can really help them, so you can earn money for sharing your receipts. Apps like Shoppix and Receipt Hog allow you to snap a photograph of your receipt and earn points.

These points can then be converted into Paypal cash or gift cards.

I hope that this post has given you some ideas for making some extra money on the side.

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