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We are currently looking at the possibility of getting a garden room for the garden of our new home. It is quite a task as the garden slopes a little so we will need the garden also landscaping and levelling up which of course adds to the cost! We are looking to also get some artificial grass in the remaining garden too as I love artificial grass because I am allergic to grass and get a rash if I sit on it!

These are some of the reasons we have considered getting one or friends who have had a garden office pod so I thought it would be great to share with you to see if it is perfect for your garden.

An extra room

A garden office or garden room gives your home an extra room without having to move house. It uses space in your garden that you probably hardly use except in the summer and means you can use it all year round.

Cheaper than an office

If you work for yourself and have considered renting an office then in the short term that will be cheaper than a garden office but in the longer term it will cost so much more. By having your own garden office you pay out once and have that office forever!

More effective working

If you have your own office space you are likely to work much harder and use your time more effectively than if you have an office in your home. All those distractions such as swapping over the washing, answering the door or putting the TV on whilst you have lunch and then getting distracted just don’t happen.

Close the door on work

Using a garden office means that you can shut the door on your work at the end of the day in the same way that you would in a physical office away from your home. It is a great way of having that office space and working on relaxing properly after work in the evenings.

It will always have a use

If you have a garden building it may be an office now but when you retire or if you then change your plans you can turn that room into anything you like. A garden room makes a great gym, bar or even sports room with a pool table and TV for when the World Cup is on!

Less mess building work

An alternative to a garden room is an extension. Builders make a lot of mess and having an extension will get dust around your whole home. A garden room gives you the same benefits as an extension but without the mess during construction!

It increases the value of your home

Having a garden room or a garden office can considerably increase the value of your home. now that working from home is becoming much more accepted and normal if you do decide to sell and move the chances are someone else will see the great benefit of either as an office or something else.

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