How did I become a mum to a 15-year-old who worries about spots and how he looks? When we saw Silicolskin looking for teenagers to try it out Ben was very keen to try something different. There are not many Silicolskin reviews around so I was keen to write a comprehensive one for you.

It doesn’t feel long since I was 15 myself. I still get spots every now and then but put them down to hormonal changes and such.

tubes of silicolskin gel

Why do teenagers get spots?

It is common for everyone to get spots when their hormones change or they are under a lot of stress. For this reason, we can easily understand why teenagers would get spots. The oil glands in your skin become large and overactive when you have an increase in sex hormones or period of stress which of course happens during puberty.

The increase in oils produced then results in an overgrown of bacteria called Cutibacteriumacnes according to WebMD. Bacteria blocking pores then is visible as spots, both whiteheads and blackheads are very similar in the way they are caused and the difference is simply if the pore stays open or closes.

A close up of a man with acne

Other causes of acne and spots

If you have acne or some spots and wear clothing that rubs your skin this can make acne worse. Of course, most clothes rub your skin in some way so this is generally not very preventable either. If you sweat a lot (again common in teenagers) this can also have an impact!

Stopping pores getting blocked is often easier said than done too. Many cosmetic products can block pores and make acne worse which explains why teens often trying to hide their spots with creams or makeup can often unintentionally make them worse. There are so many causes of acne, would this be a good solution?

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What is Silicolskin?

Undoubtedly you will have seen a number of different spot creams, washes and gels on the market and be a little unsure why this is any different. There are not that many Soilicolskin reviews but don’t let that put you off.

In some ways it isn’t, It is another product which may help. The reality is though everyone has different skin and what might help one person won’t always help another. Is it worth trying Silicolskin? I would say definitely!

Silicolskin is designed to remove irritants and bacteria from the skin. It uses Colloidal silica, also known as silicic acid which is a compound made from silicon and oxygen. It is commonly used in acne and spot treatments so you may well have seen this phrase before.

It is an alcohol, perfume and paraben-free gel so it doesn’t contain anything that would be likely to make spots worse! It always puzzles me when I see spot treatments that include perfumes!

Silicolskin is designed to be applied then dry before being washed off.

A close up of a man
Silicolskin on Ben’s skin just before being washed off

How Ben feels about his spots

Ben has quite a number of spots on his face but also gets a lot on his torso, whilst he is not too self-conscious he does get very frustrated with them and wishes they would go. He especially hates the ones on his back as they are often uncomfortable and changing for PE at school he knows others can see them. As teenage boys, the chances are they have plenty too!

Ben was keen to try Silicolskin, partly because he has been getting increasingly frustrated with his spots and partly because he always likes helping me test things for my site. I think he lives in hope that one day he will get to test a ride in a Lamborghini or be chauffeured to meet his favourite football players!

A close up of a back with spots

How did we get on with Silicolskin?

Silicolskin can be used as a mask and applied to a large area or individually to problem spots. We decided to start out using it as a mask and then after a week we have used it just on individual spots as needed. I say we, rather than Ben, as I have been helping him to apply the gel.

Applying the gel

It is really easy to apply the gel by wetting the skin then applying a thin layer. It is then left to dry for 10-15 minutes, we found when using a mask 15 minutes was definitely needed but for individual spots 10 minutes was adequate.

As the gel dries it feels a little tingly and tight, Ben said this felt a little strange at first but quite nice. After the first use, it just became normal and he didn’t really notice it!

Washing the gel off

When the Silicolskin is dry it can be carefully washed off with warm water. The skin looks a little red after the gel has been washed off and this is perfectly normal and soon disappears. We used the gel before Ben went to bed so this wasn’t an issue.

Ben said that washing the gel off was a little uncomfortable, not unlike rubbing sand off your feet when you have been to the beach! He didn’t describe it as painful and was happy to keep using Silicolskin so I wouldn’t let this put you off. In my opinion, it is a little like the feeling of exfoliating!

tubes of silicolskin gel

Did Silicolskin help Ben?

Nothing is ever going to be a miracle cure, and anything that says it is lying! In my eyes, it is all about having the best product for your skin that keeps as many spots away as possible and treats those that do appear as quickly and easily as possible. So far we have found Silicolskin great for both.

3 photos of a boy showing less spots as time progresses

We found that within a few days there were some slight differences showing already and after a week there has been quite an improvement. I am sure that we will see more improvement as time goes on.

The advice is to only use 5 days a week in the same area and to test on a small area first for sensitivity. Despite Ben often reacting to things he didn’t have any reactions to this! Ben has used the gel for 5 days every evening then had 2 days without it as advised. We are now using it again and have found that it is definitely improving Bens confidence in how his spots look and he feels much better.

Ben has also tried the gel on his back as he often gets some nasty spots there however preferred to use it as an individual spot treatment rather than a mask on his back.

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When to speak to your doctor about acne

If you have tried purchasing a variety of acne treatments and have had no luck with them it is always worth speaking to your family doctor. You can mention to them that you have tried various creams and mention any reviews like the Silicolskin reviews and ask for their advice.

There are things they can prescribe including antibiotics if spots have become infected and the contraceptive pill can also help surprisingly. Remember that it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Where to buy Silicolskin

Silicolskin is available at Superdrug, Amazon, some independent pharmacies and also on the Silicolskin website where you can also find more information.

A 50ml tube is around £9.79, currently, Superdrug has it for £7.79 so I would definitely recommend trying it if you are yet to find a way to keep problem spots under control.

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