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Kids cooking shows have emerged as a favourite after the pandemic, encouraging families to bake together and giving our young and budding chefs to learn something new. Cooking shows also help educate our kids about healthy eating and how to make delicious cupcakes and other yummy treats. 

There are tons of kids cooking shows that you can watch with your kids online. Most of these shows are geared towards kids with no inappropriate language or graphics. Whether you want to try out some fun recipes for your kids or you want your kids to learn baking, cooking, and more, here are some of the best and most exciting cooking and baking shows that your kids will love to watch. 

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Junior Bake Off 

Junior Bake Off is a spinoff of ‘Great British Baking Off’ featuring kids between the ages of 9-15 baking cakes, bread, pastries, and much more, competing to be crowned the champion chef. Although exclusively available on British TV channels, you can watch Junior Bake Off in USA with a VPN.

Where to watch: BBC, Channel 4, CBBC

The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show is a show that keeps viewers of all ages hooked and entertained. And there are eight full seasons of fun recipes, crash courses for kids, and a lot more. 

Young bakers attempt different challenges and bake theme-based desserts and more to impress the judges. The winner is crowned Britain’s best amateur baker. The show features famous personalities including Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, and Mel Geidroyc. The show is like a breath of fresh air as the production takes place in an open-air kitchen and kid-friendly environment.  

Where to watch: Netflix 

MasterChef Junior

If you think Gordon Ramsay isn’t exactly kid-friendly you should watch MasterChef Junior as the award-winning chef shows a soft and paternal side in the cooking show featuring young cooks (ages 8-13).  Young contestants show their cooking skills in hopes of being crowned as the Masterchef. It’s a great show for budding chefs who love nothing more than to play with flour.

Where to watch: Hulu, DirecTV, Sling TV

Waffles + Mochi (With Michelle Obama)

Perhaps the most popular cooking show among the kids is Waffles + Mochi featuring the former first lady, Michelle Obama. The show features a ‘whimsical supermarket’ too with puppets who are aspiring chefs. The show is full of colours and fun recipes for the kids to try like Japanese rice cakes in the shape of tiny monsters. 

What we love about this kids’ cooking show is that it offers a little bit of everything: easy-to-follow recipes, educational content, and it’s a mini travel show as well. You will also see guest celebrity appearances in most episodes as well. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

Nadiya’s Time to Eat

If you are looking for easy and quick recipes that your kids can follow, Nadiya’s Time to Eat is a great cooking show for aspiring young chefs. Nadiya brings the best shortcuts with quick dinner and desert hacks that you follow to spice up your regular dinner. 

If you have kids who are picky eaters, this show brings recipes that you can easily follow and your kids will no doubt love the food. Nadiya also travels to local markets for ingredients and she also visits places like mushroom farms, Heinz factory, and more.

Where to watch: Netflix

Top Chef Junior

Top Chef Junior is another family-friendly cooking show like The Great British Baking Show where kids (under the age of 14) compete in a garden kitchen for a prize of $50,000. The show is very interesting with a lot of theme-based recipes and challenges that keep you hooked. Young cooks display unmatching skills that not even adults have. The show also teaches kids how to manage time constraints and cope up with the stress as the time runs out during competitions. 

Where to watch: Peacock TV, DirectTV

Kids Baking Championship

Kids Baking Championship is a competitive show featuring Valarie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman. The show has backers from ages 10-13 as they compete for a prize of $25,000 as well as being crowned as the Kids Baking Champion. The show features fun recipes like sand-castle-inspired cakes, unicorn desserts, doughnuts, and much more. 

Where to watch: Discovery 

As the name suggests, Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck is a cute cooking show featuring Cookie Monster and Chef Gonger. It is a great show for both entertainment and educational purposes for young chefs. In each episode, the recipe starts with a missing ingredient, and the puppets must find the missing ingredient from the nearby farm, bog, and pasta factory. The show has simple dishes that are fun and easy to follow. Some episodes also have celebrity appearances as well. 

Where to watch: YouTube

Do your children want to cook more healthily or just make cakes? Whatever they enjoy why not get them watching shows like this to encourage them?

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