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As we have seen, there are many risks that minors can face through the Internet and social networks. We cannot prevent our children from using new technologies and the Internet. In fact, as we have also commented, there are benefits to its use, but what is in our hands, and we must do is teach them to make responsible use of the Internet and social networks.

Below I list a series of tips that every parent should follow to prevent the use of the different social channels from becoming a problem:

Know in which networks your child has an account created

My first advice would be to prevent a child under 13 from having a profile on social networks. If it is a child or teenager of this age, the ideal would be to know the social networks in which your child has an account created. In addition to researching and investigating the pages visited and knowing with which people they communicate through the Internet. In this sense, it is good to set limits on the use of new technologies, that is, not to exceed a stipulated time.

Talk about the risks and threats of the Internet

Communication between parents and children is essential to achieve a healthy and safe bond, and even more so when it comes to these issues. Talk to your children about the risks and dangers of new technologies; Show them the videos disseminated by the different entities that create campaigns and advertisements precisely to raise awareness among young people about these dangers and try to create a climate of trust, dialogue but without imposing it and know well how and where your children communicate.

Teach them how to configure privacy on different social networks

It is important that all users configure our privacy in the different social networks. Children should not only know how the different social networks are used, that they know it and also very well, but they should also know how to configure their privacy so that everything they  publish is private, that is, that only their contacts have access to it. And they should also avoid giving data such as addresses, phone numbers or real-time location.

Say “no” to strangers on social networks

Explain that they should not accept any friend request from someone they don’t know. You have already seen the ease with which an unknown adult can impersonate a child his age. That is why it is essential that they only accept as contacts friends and family they know and with whom they have confidence outside the screen and know in person. We must distrust what there is (or who there is) on the other side of a conversation, a website or an email.

Never give personal information

It is very important not to reveal personal information in the different social networks. They should know how easily the information they share becomes viral, so they should avoid exposing their private life, because the life of minors must be private and not public, and from the moment it is published on the Internet it ceases to be life intimate

Be careful with the photographs

We must advise them not to publish any compromised photography on social networks. Everyone uploads photos to the different social platforms of what he does on a daily basis, but minors are the most vulnerable group to the risks we face with this usual practice.

Photographs of minors in social networks can reach pedophile files. As much as privacy is controlled, you can never be sure who will get to see that image, so we must be very careful with the photographs that our children upload.

Use parental control app

Use parental control app to review their access and limit the time to an appropriate limit. Using any advanced parental control app for iPhone such as FamilyTime, you can not only assign specific numbers of minutes or hours to your kid in order to use a specific app, but can also lock their screen remotely through a scheduler or an instance lock toggle button.

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Do you want to see how does this app work and how can you put parental controls on your kids’ social network use? Get the app now! For that, go now to the app store on your phone and get the trial version of the app. With the trial version, you can explore all premium features of FamilyTime yourself.

Parental control apps - tips to protect kids on the internet

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