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I have wanted to visit Canada since I was young, it is a country I always found fascinating and growing up I remember finding my great aunt interesting. She was from Canada and had moved to the UK to be with my great uncle so of course to a youngster she was intriguing. Here I wanted to share with you 5 reasons why I think Canada would make a great family holiday. After all the pandemic parenting you deserve a break away together!

A snow covered mountain

Reasons you should plan a visit to Canada

Canada has natural beauty

Canada is home to beautiful mountain parks, the Niagara Falls and so many scenic drives with miles and miles of open spaces. The amount of coastline around Canada is much more than any other country and all so beautiful. Further inland there are of course the mountain ranges, lakes, forests and even a small desert!

It isn’t too expensive to visit

The costs of holidays to Canada are very reasonable and flights to Canada from the UK are easily obtainable. The prices are very family-friendly and leave you with more to spend on your holiday whether that is visiting the aquariums or staying in one of the amazing National Parks.

If you want to visit somewhere full of culture and natural beauty but without spending too much then I think Canada is definitely worth considering and someone I would love to visit, unfortunately I really do not cope well with flying so possibly won’t be going for a while yet!

Outdoor activities

With so many provincial parks and national parks, it’s also a great place to go camping. If I had to choose one place to go, I would go camping in Alberta, which is home to the Canadian Rockies.

If you are an outdoorsy family then this really would be a great place to visit and try out so many different pastimes. Snowboarding and skiing are popular in the country alongside mountain biking and climbing.

For more water-based activities you could look at fishing with the best crankbait rods, canoeing and even kayaking! The vast natural beauty also means hiking in the country is so attainable with the country having a large landmass but low population there is so much space.

The culture

When I learn about French heritage in Canada at school, particularly in Quebec I found this fascinating. I don’t think it could be much further geographically from France but the history of Canada is very linked to France and much of Canada is actually bilingual!

Another aspect of the culture that really interests me is the similarities to the UK. Unlike their American neighbours, they have publicly funded healthcare in a similar way to how we have in the UK. Whilst this isn’t something you would choose to visit for it does help you to imagine the way the country is and how they see their people.

The wildlife

With bears being one of the most well-known animals native to Canada I do think this is an interesting reason to visit. Whilst you obviously don’t want to be encountering a bear in the wild I love to know they are nearby and see how staying in the woods you have to be sure to be safe from bears.

If like me you like the idea of seeing bears in the wild but less up close then check out this bear cam to see them hibernating at Grouse Mountain.

If you decide on a holiday to Canada pack some small plane toys for kids so they don’t get bored on the flight!

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