This article sharing my travel bucket list includes links I have been paid to include to places I already decided I would love to visit some of which need an eTA to travel to, some don’t.

Over the years I have often had penpals and friends abroad. It has really made me think of places I would love to visit. I am a bit of an anxious flyer but if I take that worry away I have a long list of places I would love to visit. Today I thought I would share with you my four most wished for destinations. There are more such as Iceland too but I will share those another day so get reading money-saving tips for the airport so you can book holidays too!

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Passport with airplane ticket and map. Travel concept background.

New Zealand

I have a friend who lives in New Zealand. We do not often speak but I would love to visit Shannon and her family. The country just sounds so amazing and in some ways so similar to hear, just better! I couldn’t imagine moving that far away but I definitely plan to visit one day.

Do you need an eTA visa for New Zealand?

You need an eTA visa for New Zealand but once you have one it is valid for two years. Do be careful though as you can only stay for up to 90 days usually and must have a further 90 days on your passport on your expected date of departure. You will need to declare any wooden items, food, or anything that may have soil on, eg walking boots etc when you arrive.

A stunning blue and green bird sitting on a twig


Have you ever wanted to visit Japan? The country fascinates me and it is definitely somewhere on my bucket list to visit. I had a penpal there a few years back but we lost touch.

Have you seen the pod type hotels they have there? They sound amazing but also rather strange. The whole culture is just so different.

Closeup of Japanese volcano erupting

Travelling to Japan – things you need to know

Japanese people tend to greet each other by bowing their heads. For foreigners, they may shake hands. Whatever you do, don’t kiss them on both cheeks. The Japanese find this alarming!

Keep a check for signs saying no shoes or to wear slippers. Many restaurants and hotels apparently don’t allow shoes. I hate bare feet so would welcome this information.

Group of polar bear cubs and adult polar bear laying in snow


I would love to visit Canada, the wildlife there intrigues me and the country just sounds amazing. With royalty now moving there I am even more keen to visit. Can you imagine seeing wild bears, I know they are quite vicious but it would still be amazing to see.

What are the eTA requirements if you would love to visit Canada?

To go to Canada you need an eTA which is like a kind of visa. The advantage is when you have one you can usually travel as many times as you like to Canada in the next five years. That is unless your passport runs out sooner. Each visit can be up to six months so that means lots of time to explore.

The eTA Canada travel authorization is a process essential to check you do not have a criminal record or anything they feel poses a threat to the safety and law enforcement of the country. These eTA requirements are essential whether you are travelling for business, to visit family or friends or just for a holiday.

A lake with a mountain in the background

South Korea

I would love to visit my cousin who is a teacher in South Korea. Marieanne is only a year younger than me and we saw quite a bit of each other growing up so I would love to see her again.

She always uploads so many amazing photos it makes me so jealous. It would also be amazing to have a local tour guide as such. So many things you miss being a tourist don’t you think?

A bridge leading to a temple

Advice for visiting South Korea

I hadn’t realised how cold it can be and thought it was a reasonably similar climate to ours. Apparently it can get really cold so checking when best to visit based on this is important!

Not that I imagine it is something you would do on holiday but never write someone’s name in red in South Korea as it symbolises death! If you try out the public transport it is common for someone to tug your bag. This isn’t that they are trying to steal it, though hold it well anyway, it is to invite you to rest your bag on their lap if you don’t have a seat! Who would have thought that? Imagine that on the UK underground?

Where would you like to visit? Do you have any travel dreams? Get saving for travel now so you can make your dreams come true! Do you want to go places that need an eTA or are your dream destinations closer to home? I also need to visit Norfolk properly this year!

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