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Nursery is a big step for both parents and children. After several months together, it can be a difficult step to send your child to nursery. Nevertheless, it’s pivotal for their development. At the nursery, they will have exposure to the wider world and access to a variety of learning opportunities. Here are just a few of the skills that your child can pick up at nursery school. 

This post is in collaboration with a day nursery in London.

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Communication Skills

At the nursery, children are taught about the wider world. This is something that they will do through sensory play which allows them to explore their five senses and build their dictionary.

They will learn the words that we use to describe materials such as “rough”, “hard” and “soft” which will help them with their communication.

Social Skills

Children have the opportunity to meet and interact with others their age at the nursery.

They will need to share and play nicely with one another which can help them in building their social skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Going back to sensory play, another key benefit is that it helps children in developing their fine motor skills.

They will explore a range of different objects using their hands and in turn strengthen their smaller muscles which are needed to grip and hold.

Problem-Solving Skills

Your child will also likely run into problems during play, and they will need to think creatively to overcome them. This is a really important skill they will start to develop at nursery.


Children are also encouraged to explore their imagination at nursery and there is a range of play activities to help them with that.

How to Behave

Knowing how to behave sensibly is a skill in itself. As with any school, there are rules at the nursery that children must respect and adhere to. This can be good practice for children. It helps them to understand social norms and what’s acceptable/unacceptable.

Following Instructions

To follow from the point above, your child will also learn to follow rules and boundaries.


Fundamentally, a nursery teaches children to be independent. They will spend prolonged periods of time away from you in a new environment and develop skills which help them to do things all by themselves, like their fine motor skills.

These are just a few of the ways in which a nursery can be beneficial for children. There’s also the fact that it creates routine and structure which helps them to feel happy, confident, and secure within themselves.

Do you think there are other skills they may develop at nursery? Do comment them below.

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