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Most parents are just trying to do the best they can for their kids. This might mean taking extra time out of your day to show them a little love or making them smile even more than usual. 

A great way to do this is by sprucing up their packed lunch so that when they open it up halfway through the school day, they get that perfect reminder that they are loved. This may look like including a small reminder that you love them or even a yummy treat. 

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Here are ten ideas for ways to show your kids love through their packed lunch.

Include a meaningful note

One great way to remind your kids that you love them is to write a small note on their napkin or a sticky note, then place it inside their lunchbox. 

Even a short, inspirational quote or saying can give them the boost they need to continue through their day while you remind them that you are thinking about them.

Draw a little doodle

If you or your kids are artsy, it may be fun to draw them a doodle instead of writing a note. Doodles can be a fun, lighthearted way to make your kid giggle at the lunch table. 

Start a back and forth exchange

To take it one step up from a daily note or doodle, start a little back and forth “pen pal” type exchange. 

Write or draw something for your kid and tuck it into their lunchbox, and allow them to reply with another note or doodle that you will find when you unpack their bag and can respond to the next day.

Pack a fun activity

Packing your kid a page from an activity book, like a word search or tic-tac-toe board, can be the perfect way to occupy them during a longer lunch period or encourage them to interact with their friends. 

Give a little gift

Try putting a new pencil or a sheet of stickers in your child’s lunchbox for special occasions or if they deserve a little treat. They will be able to use the new supplies throughout the second half of the day, making school a lot more exciting.

Treat them to a piece of candy

A small piece of chocolate or candy in your child’s lunchbox could really boost their mood on a tough day. Try giving them a piece of their favourite candy when you can tell they are feeling a little blue to show them that you’re thinking of them.

Bake a fresh dessert

If you enjoy baking, including a cookie or small piece of cake in your kid’s bag for lunch could mean the world to them. This special treat could be a great way to make their birthday or other unique occasions meaningful and memorable. 

They may even share with people at their table, which can lead to making new friends.

Make them their favourite meal

Many kids have a favourite thing to eat for lunch or dinner, so incorporating this as their school lunch could be a great way to show them that you care every now and then. 

This certainly doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence, especially if their favourites aren’t the most healthy, but once in a while, it can be a fun part of their school day.

Try an interactive lunch

Sometimes, the best part of any kid’s day is playing around and using their hands, so why not incorporate this into lunchtime? 

Instead of packing a put-together sandwich, try packing some slices of cheese, meat, veggies, and crackers so that they can assemble their own sandwiches.

Pack lunch together

Quality time can mean a lot to kids, so you could try spending time together while packing their lunch. This is a great way to get to know what they like and don’t like to eat, as well as let them have some autonomy and practice making their own lunch.

Lunchtime is often one of the most exciting parts of the school day for children, so it can be a great time to incorporate a little extra love into their day. Just doing something small can brighten their day and reassure them that you love them until they see you again.

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