I have shared before that in many ways I am not looking forward to turning 40 never mind getting old. I do however in some ways really look forward to being an old-aged pensioner. This is possibly partly linked to how much I love my Grandma and hope to be like her when I am older.

Closeup of an older person\'s hand holding babies hand
Elderly woman Holding Baby’s Hand

Old age isn’t all about getting infirm and needing help. Neither is it all about wondering about your death and watching people around you pass away. There is so much about old age which is amazing.

Sharing experiences

I love now to tell people my experiences in life to help them with their plans. There is however something about being able to look back on a long life and share words of wisdom with younger generations.

I don’t know whether I will be a grandmother myself as having only one child I guess it is less likely but who knows? That said I know that I will be the sort of elderly person who adores young children though. Hopefully, I won’t be the annoying old person who prods babies awake from naps though!

Fewer responsibilities

I love the fact that with old age you have fewer responsibilities. Children are more grown up, bills are all sorted and don’t need changing and travel is easy with a bus pass!

As much as I love my work I know that I will love retirement too. The idea of getting to that point where any time of year is suitable for a holiday. Additionally, the thought that I can go for coffee with all the other old dears all day if I want to!

Old age is better than it once was

Back in the day when our old people now were young, they will have looked to older generations really struggling. Now life is so different for our elderly. With mobility scooters they can keep their independence as long as possible which is so important I think.

There are so many stair lifts available that staying in your own home is easier to do too. Shopping available for delivery from all the big supermarkets is so much better than just a milkman who could only bring a few bits long ago. Even the milkman can bring so much more now.

People are so caring

When I am out and about I always help elderly people if I can whatever that may be with. I know I am not alone in this and whilst some people might not agree I think we are a very caring nation. We are all busy people but I like to think that even as an older person I will get all the help and support I need to live independently.

Old age discounts

Free TV licenses, bus passes and discounts on “golden years” meals out. What is not to like about all these discounts? I love a good bargain and if getting older means I can get more bargains then bring it on! A lot could change with politics and maybe by then I will be a millionaire anyway but time will tell.

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