It was all perfect: you’ve lined up a date but then you have the sudden realisation: you have to go out with this person and not ruin your weight loss endeavour. While everyone knows that a day off from eating clean isn’t the end of the world, the fact is that some people need the consistency of clean eating and exercise to stay on track. That’s why we are going to look at several ways that you can stay on track with weight loss and still have fun and fulfilling dates.

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Be careful about where you eat

Planning a date doesn’t have to be the end of the world in terms of going out to eat. However, you need to make sure that you look at the menu and the nutrition information that is usually available online before you decide where to go if you can.

Recommend to your date that you go somewhere that has a lot of healthy eating options. Ideally somewhere with lots of low-calorie choices without just leaving you with salad.

Going to a place that serves steak, fish, and other basic dishes is a good choice. Then you stay on plan with your diet as they can be served with boiled potatoes and boiled vegetables or salad easily for a tasty low-calorie meal.

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Keeping track of your goals is really important

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Avoid alcohol

Another thing to keep in mind when you are going out on a date is that alcohol is not ideal. You can argue that going out on your date to a nice pub is a good date, of course, it is but there are things to remember too.

The fact is that most alcohol is not ideal for weight loss. Not only will beer load you down on calories, but it can also make you feel too lethargic and bloated. Then you might not want to do any exercise the following day or perhaps even be put off eating healthy the next day.

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Cook at home with your date

There are a lot of reasons that cooking a meal together would be a great date for most people. For example, you can use this time to get to know each other. You can have a chat about each other’s preferences and find out about them in a very relaxed setting.

Of course, another benefit is that you get to cook a meal that is healthy and delicious for both of you. Thus, you can show off your culinary prowess while also taking the chance to preserve your weight loss diet.

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Use your dates as exercise

The final way that you can stay on track with your weight loss while you are dating is by using your dates for weight loss. It’s easy to find different ways to burn some calories with your date in fun and imaginative ways.

Going out for a quick hike, taking a day trip to the beach, or even going to a large shopping centre are all ways that you can take your date out on a nice date but also some exercise. Learn about them while you walk and are not distracted by anyone else.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways that you can have a great date and still lose weight. Do you have any other healthy date ideas to share? Comment them below!

Track your exercise

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