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When it comes to storage and space in your home, it can often feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle, especially if you have children. Children seem to have a lot of items that they don’t really need, toys they just can’t seem to live without and close they seem to go out of quickly. But with a little thought and a little bit of planning, there are a few things you can do to gain a bit more space in your home. You don’t need to have walls full of built-in wardrobes or turn the bedroom into a storage space. But there are some tips and tricks you can pick up to give you a clear, bright space within your home.

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Outdoor storage

Many people are now turning to outdoor storage for their space needs, many summer houses are being built, and garage bases being converted, to gain some outdoor space, and ensure your house isn’t too cluttered. If you work from home in a small house, having a Home Office in the garden is a beautiful idea; not only do you have the extra space, but you also have the peace and quiet that you need to get your work done. If you haven’t thought about it already, you also have the option of mobile storage, as well. The possibilities with this option are endless, and depending on the size of your items, you can even place one of these containers on your land. This means not only do you have lots of room for all of your excess items. You would also know they are safe.


Place for everything and everything in his place, he is a beautiful role to live by. If you have organised all of your items into categories and place them where they belong, then you find it easy to keep track and keep everything clear. This allows you to be able to use your indoor space for other essential reasons. While you’re organizing your items, why not save a charity bag to one side as well? That way, you can put unwanted clothing on one side as well.

Correct preparation

This is quite a simple tip, but one that many people overlook. When storing clothing or any other items for that matter, it’s important to remember that We don’t need to keep everything, especially issues of clothing that we think that we might fit into eventually. Hoover bags that compress your clothing down also a great way to prepare to make more space.

Regular clear out

When you Mari Condo your home, there isn’t much to throw around. Making a mess is out of the equation, so it only makes sense to have a regular clearance; once you’ve done these clearances, you can take what you need to to the tip, sell anything good enough to keep. 

The truth is a lot of us collect more items than we probably need, but if you’re not willing to throw most of it away, to make space, then you may have a tricky situation to deal with! 

Making Space In A Small House

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