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Kids often remember their fun birthday parties well into adulthood, and luckily there are so many options for parents to choose from. Your choice might be dictated by your child’s personality, what’s available locally and of course your budget. To help you choose, here are 5 great birthday party ideas from a company offering venue hire in Watford

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Slumber party

If you’re happy to host in your home, inviting a few of your child’s friends over for the night can give them a relatively inexpensive but memorable birthday party.

Plan some age-appropriate fun activities, like board games, baking or pampering, and the kids could then watch a movie with some snacks before bed. You could then get everyone involved in cooking a nice slap-up breakfast in the morning. 

Hire a hall

Hiring a hall and booking some entertainment is a great way to keep all the mess elsewhere! There are many options when it comes to entertainment; you could hire a magician, have a disco, or have inflatables like bouncy castles put in.

Alternatively, you could just use the space to play some old-fashioned party games. Much will depend on your child’s age and what they enjoy doing. 

A hosted party

You might prefer to book a venue that provides all the entertainment and food together, like a soft play, trampolining or sports venue (depending on your child’s age).

This option tends to cost a bit more but it can be less stressful having everything organised for you. These types of parties are usually for a set amount of time, such as two hours, so it’s a good way to condense the party into a specific timeframe. 

A smaller party

You don’t always have to invite loads of kids to your child’s party. They might prefer a smaller, more informal affair with just a few close friends; for example, they could go for afternoon tea or for a meal at your child’s favourite venue, or just have a games night at your house. This is a good idea if your child finds large groups a bit overwhelming. 

Budget parties

If you’re on a tight budget, consider sharing a party with one of your child’s friends whose birthday is near or on the same date. That way you can split the cost and share the responsibility of organizing it. It also makes it more fun!

You can keep costs down further by making the food yourselves and just playing traditional party games instead of hiring an entertainer. 

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