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When you commute to work, it is so easy to sit and pick at snacks or food. I am here to help you deal with snacking whilst you are out and about on the commute.

You change trains and grab a hot drink and a chocolate bar. Or waiting for the bus, you pop to the local sweet shop to pick up some sweets to eat on the journey. We really need to get out of this habit, especially if we are trying to diet and lose weight.

It could be for any reason that you end up snacking. Using different coping ways is a great idea and helps you to stop snacking when you want to.

low calorie chocolate bars mars, snickers and twix
Low-calorie chocolate bars Mars, Snickers and Twix

Making Changes

There are a few small and different changes you can make, that will actually make a huge change. You don’t need to make all of the changes in one go, you can do them one at a time.

Then you will be making the changes without actually realising it. We want to share our top tips to keep you occupied on the daily commute, rather than deal with snacking. 

pile of books to read

Read A Book

If you are one of those people that can read whilst they travel, take a book to read. If you are really caught up in the storyline, then your trip will end before you know it.

Make sure it is a physical book, so you can hold it in your hands. This helps you to deal with snacking and you won’t pick at food. There is something special about holding a book as you read it.

I don’t know if it is the smell of the pages, the crispiness of the pages or if it is the comfortable feeling you get. 

Digital books or audiobooks don’t work the same way as a normal book. They still leave your hands free to pick.

Choose a book that you can feel like you are part of. This also helps with dealing with stress too because it takes you to another place, somewhere exciting. 

Play Online Games

When we say online games, we do not mean ones that charge you. We mean games that you can find for free online on your phone or gadget.

Gaming is not just for teenage boys or girls anymore, it is for everyone. You could be 12 or 112, and there is probably a game for you somewhere. 

You can find many games for free on, so it isn’t even going to cost you a penny to play the games. And as you level up, you find the games more intense to play. Thoughts of snacking will be completely at the back of your mind. 

There are online games for everyone but here are the ones that I use to deal with snacking because they are absolutely free and I can play new games as well as retro-style ones.

Who remembers games like Pac-Man and Tetris? Then you will love Pac-Chef and Tetra Blocks. For those retro cartoon fans, there is Dangermouse and Powerpuff Girls. 

If there are any online games that encourage you to spend money to buy credits, you need to avoid these.

To save using up space on your phone too, avoid downloading games to play and just play the ones that you want to play or that you are in the mood for.

That’s why we mention because you play the games through their website.

Take A Healthy Train Picnic

If you are travelling quite a way and it covers mealtime, it is always best to take a snack with you. Then you know that it is healthy and what is inside there.

Buying a sandwich whilst you are out is usually packed with calories. You can easily try one of these lunch on the go ideas and keep it within your healthy eating plan. 

Planning your meals in advance is a good way to help you to continue your dieting and healthy eating. 

Overnight oats
Overnight oats

Take Up A Hobby

During the lockdown, so many people started a new hobby whilst they were stuck at home. Whether it is crochet, knitting or scrapbooking it can all be done on the work commute.

If you didn’t get time to start one in any of the lockdowns, then it is never too late to start. Knitting and crochet keep your hands busy, so you don’t get tempted to eat rubbish food. 

These days, you can buy a hobby starter kit online or in the shops. But you can also learn a new hobby from places like YouTube or TikTok, you can even take up TikTok as a hobby!

The best thing about this is that it gets you creative and it is free to start on the platform. If you cannot get TikTok for a reason, you can try Instagram reels instead. You never know, you might go viral.


Keeping a diary is not a new thing at all, but it has got more creative as the years have gone by. Nowadays you can cut pictures and stick them in.

People use pens to colour in their week. Journalling is great for keeping track of things like water intake, how much exercise you had and what you have eaten. A truly productive way to deal with snacking and help you with weight loss or healthy living at the same time.

So you can really tie this in with the healthy eating plan that you are on.

You can also start a blog, this is probably easier if you are going to do it on the go. You can write a blog post on your phone, on your laptop or even on paper as you travel.

Starting a blog is free to do on platforms such as Blogger and WordPress and they are easy to set up.

Then as you become more confident, you can progress to going self-hosted and getting a domain name. 

Catch Up With Friends

Now is the time for you to kick back, grab your phone and message your friends. Messaging is easier on the commute because you don’t want everyone to know your business.

To be honest, people don’t want to know your business. They are wanting to chill and relax like you. So you are stuck on a bus or train for the next 30 minutes, or an hour. You are doing nothing, so spend that time catching up. 

You can share all of your latest news and catch up with your friend’s news. Life is so busy when you are a grown-up. But good friends understand this and they are happy to chat when it suits you. 

If you have any ideas to add to the list of things to do on the commute to deal with snacking and keeping occupied, let us know in the comments and we can add them. 

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