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The purpose of tummy tuck surgery is to treat fat pockets and unwanted loose skin in your midsection. Although a plastic surgeon must review the operation in greater detail, learning what to expect, particularly during the recovery period is important.

Even if it’s a minor operation, surgery can take a toll on your body. In this article, we are going to talk about the best foods to eat before and after a tummy tuck to assist you in your health journey.


Information about contouring surgery

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic operation that cuts down the size of the abdominal area. This surgery can involve removing hanging or loose skin caused by a lot of weight loss or pregnancy. Liposuction is also done to treat small amounts of fat. The way it works is, various tummy tuck treatments are recommended based on the area that needs tightening. 

For instance, a full tummy tuck is for more advanced cases while a mini tuck attends to mild to moderate loose skin. In your consultation with a surgeon, you should get a customized treatment plan. This also means the dietary requirements given to you by Luma Nutrition (one of the best) may be adjusted based on your personal health goals and necessities. 

Nonetheless, we recommend the below foods as a general set of rules you can follow.

Best foods to eat before a tummy tuck

Before undergoing tummy tuck surgery, clients need to take caution concerning the food they consume before surgery. Leading up to that day, your diet should have a daily recommended amount of dairy, protein, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

This helps because, leafy greens decrease inflammation, while protein works to build and repair tissues that were damaged during the operation. 

Foods such as nuts and grains help your body develop new cells. The most significant part of meal planning during this period is making certain that your nutrition needs are fulfilled entirely. 

Right foods to eat after doing a tummy tuck surgery

There are no specific limitations about what to consume straight after a tummy tuck. But clients should attempt to keep their diets light for the first few days. 

They should continue to eat nutritious meals that are easy to digest. These foods include, whole grain cereals, soups, soft cheeses, and yoghurt are always fantastic selections.

In addition, protein shakes are also packed with the protein you require to support your recovery. Make an effort to cultivate smart eating habits you’ll be able to follow in the long term. In particular, this involves learning about portion control and avoiding processed food. 

Bonus tips to help with recovery after surgery

Stay hydrated because dehydration can increase the likelihood of complications which can stagnate your recovery. So keep a bottle of full water with you.

Avoid eating salty foods, this is because salty foods can cause bloating and unnecessary inflammations, which can lead to an uncomfortable recovery process. 

Don’t eat surgery foods either, foods that are high in processed sugar do little to assist the recovery process. If as a client you crave something sweet, you can consume something fruit-based instead.

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